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WisunoFX is a European-based financial derivatives broker established in 2013.

WisunoFX is a European-based financial derivatives broker established in 2013. With the help of a professional MT4 trading platform, WisunoFX provides investors with one-stop foreign exchange, commodity and index trading services. WisunoFX currently holds the retail foreign exchange license of the National Bank of Belarus (NBRB) (license number: 193356850).

Financial Instruments

WisunoFX provides investors with fewer types of tradable assets, mainly foreign exchange currency pairs, commodities, and indices.

Account & Leverage

To meet the investment needs and trading experience of different investors, WisunoFX provides STP accounts and ECN accounts. The minimum deposit for STP accounts is $200, and the minimum deposit for ECN accounts is $500. The maximum trading leverage for both accounts is up to 1:500.

Spread & Fees

The minimum spread for EURUSD is 1 pip, the gold spread is 1 pip, and the commission for foreign exchange transactions starts from $5, and the commission for gold transactions starts from $14.

Trading Platform

WisunoFX provides traders with a market-leading and acclaimed MT4 trading platform, MT4 iOS, MT4 Android, and MT4 PC. The MT4 trading platform is currently the most popular trading platform. It has advanced technical analysis tools, flexible trading systems, stable and smooth performance, supports algorithmic trading and intelligent trading, and can formulate different trading strategies for traders of different levels. gain a leading position in the financial market.


WisunoFX supports traders to provide UnionPay and wire transfers to deposit or withdraw money from their investment accounts.

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