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ZFX is a financial institution that focuses on providing multi-asset trading services such as foreign exchange and commodities to institutional and retail investors.

ZFX is a financial institution that focuses on providing multi-asset trading services such as foreign exchange and commodities to institutional and retail investors. Founded in 2010, ZFX is headquartered in London, England, and has branches in many places around the world. ZFX currently holds a pass-through license from the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (license number: 768451) and a retail foreign exchange license from the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (license number: SD027).

Security Analysis

ZFX is regulated by the mainstream regulatory agency - the British FCA. As we all know, this agency has stricter supervision on foreign exchange transactions and has a certain degree of security. However, investors should also see that the trading leverage set by ZFX is relatively large, so investors should use leverage carefully to avoid high risks.

Main business

ZFX provides investors with diversified asset trading services. Investors can trade 33 foreign exchange currency pairs, 10 index products, 6 commodities, 2 gold bars and 35 stocks through ZFX.

Leverage & Account

In order to meet the investment needs and trading experience of different investors, the foreign exchange broker ZFX provides three different accounts for users to choose from USD) and ECN accounts (minimum deposit of $1000). When foreign exchange investors trade foreign exchange and precious metal products on the ZFX micro-trading account, they can enjoy a leverage ratio of up to 1:2000. In view of risk management, the ZFX system will adjust the leverage ratio according to the equity of the trading account. The main leverages are 1:2000, 1:1000, 1:600, 1:400, 1:100.

Commission Fee

The average spread on EURUSD in micro accounts is 1.5 pips, GBPUSD is 1.9 pips, gold spreads are 0.35 pips, silver spreads are 0.025 pips, Brent crude oil (futures) spreads are 0.04 pips, West Texas Light Crude oil spreads were 0.04 points and Germany's DAX30 was 2.3 points. Standard STP accounts have an average spread of 1.5 pips on EURUSD, 1.9 pips on GBPUSD, 0.35 pips on gold, 0.025 pips on silver, 0.04 on Brent (futures) and 0.04 on West Texas Light crude oil. At 0.04 points, the German DAX30 index spread was 2.3 points. The average spread on EURUSD in ECN accounts is 0.2 pips, the average spread on GBPUSD is 0.4 pips, the spread on gold is 0.1 pips, the spread on silver is 0.005 pips, the spread on Brent crude oil (futures) is 0.04 pips, and the spread on West Texas Intermediate is 0.04 pips. Crude oil spreads are 0.04 points. Forex, gold and silver trades on Micro and Standard STP accounts are charged spread as commission, while ECN accounts trade commissions of $7 per lot.

Trading Platform

ZFX MT4 supports various order types, chart orders, one-click trading, advanced analysis tools and indicators, comprehensive comprehensive reports and real-time news information. ZFX MT4 can also seamlessly integrate ZFX MT4 with traders' existing trading equipment through further developed API programs to support intelligent trading and strategy backtesting. Forex traders can use the trading platform on Apple, Android, Windows, and Mac.


ZFX supports FlashE International UnionPay or Xpay online banking deposit. The minimum deposit amount for both FlashE International UnionPay and Xpay is 100 USD. There is no handling fee for foreign exchange traders to withdraw funds, and there is no restriction on withdrawals on the same day. The minimum withdrawal amount for a single transaction is 100 RMB, which is about 15 US dollars.

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