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ADSS is an international financial services group providing investment opportunities to institutional

ADSS is an international financial services group providing investment opportunities to institutional, private and retail clients. Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, with branches in London and Hong Kong. It currently has a full license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom and is regulated by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates.

Security Analysis

During the process of customer deposit and withdrawal, the identity information of the MT4 trading account holder and the bank account holder will be strictly checked, and the deposit and withdrawal can be completed only when the identities are the same.

Main business

Investors can trade many mainstream and popular products in the global financial market, including foreign exchange (major currency pairs and minor currency pairs), 16 index products, commodities, contracts for difference, etc.

Leverage & Account

ADSS provides dynamic leverage for users to choose flexibly. The maximum leverage for major currency pairs is 1:500, the maximum leverage for minor currency pairs is 1:200; the maximum leverage for gold is 1:200, the maximum leverage for silver and other metals is 1:50; the maximum leverage for major indices is 1 : 200, the maximum leverage of the secondary index is 1: 100;

The maximum leverage for energy (US crude oil and UK crude oil) is 1:67, the leverage for other energy sources is 1:20; the leverage for stocks is 1:6.67. There are two types of MT4 trading accounts for investors: standard accounts and low spread accounts (ECN accounts).

Spread & Fees

The various trading products of ADSS have floating spreads, the main spread of EURUSD is 1.9, and the average spread of gold is 35 cents. The standard account opened with the company does not need to pay any transaction fees during the transaction process, and the platform only charges the spread; during the transaction process of the low spread (ECN account), a handling fee of USD 6 per lot must be paid. In the MT4 trading system, the currency in which the overnight interest is denominated is the US dollar. As long as the user holds the position for more than one trading day, the overnight interest will be earned or paid. Wednesday or Thursday is a three-day interest day. See the Swap Rate table below:

Products Long order empty order Three-day interest day
EURUSD -$3.96 $1.17 Wednesday
GBPUSD -$1.87 -$0.55 Wednesday
AUDUSD -$1.98 -$0.77 Wednesday
USDJPY $0.35 -$1.70 Wednesday
USD CAD -$1.74 -$1.70 Thursday
USD CHF $1.32 -$4.23 Wednesday

Trading Platform

ADSS cooperated with MetaQuotes, the research and development company of MT4, and further developed customized ADSSMT4. The platform has the advantages of MT4, the interface is friendly and easy to use, and it provides a large number of operation options. In addition, ADSSMT4 also includes a trading strategy program written for the MT4 platform, tools for creating custom trading indicators, trading alerts, trading signal messages and automated trading, first-class icons and analysis functions, and real-time news feeds. ADSS MT4 fully supports mobile trading and can be installed on both iOS and Android devices. Traders can open and close positions, watch orders and use more than 30 built-in technical indicators on mobile devices.


The ADSS minimum deposit is $500. Support a variety of deposit methods, bank wire transfer (not accepting third-party remittance), RMB online deposit option, instant deposit via MyADSS, and postal remittance (only applicable to Chinese residents), BipiPay & GSD Pay (a deposit channel for mainland customers) ), NETELLER & Skrill Wallet. The withdrawal method must be the same as the deposit method, and a fee of USD 15 will be charged for each withdrawal.

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