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FXGM is the trade name of Depaho Ltd, which provides foreign exchange

FXGM is the trade name of Depaho Ltd, which provides foreign exchange, commodities, stocks and other CFD trading services to retail and professional customers around the world. Depaho Ltd holds licenses authorized by a number of regulatory agencies, such as CySEC's full license (license number 161/11), Germany's BaFin retail foreign exchange license (license number: 130520), and the French Prudential Regulation Authority's BDF retail foreign exchange license. UK FCA’s EU authorization license (license number: 593528), South Africa’s FSCA’s financial services enterprise license (license number: 47709), Spain’s CNMV’s retail foreign exchange license (license number: 3321), Italy’s CONSOB’s retail foreign exchange license (license number: 3321) No. 3567).

Security Analysis

FXGM is regulated by a number of world-renowned regulatory agencies, such as CySEC in Cyprus, BaFin in Germany, CNMV in Spain, etc., which means that investors' capital security and trading activities on the platform can be protected to a certain extent, but investors It is also necessary to take into account the spread & transaction costs, whether the withdrawal is fast, etc. for comprehensive consideration.

Financial Instruments

FXGM provides investors with a wide range of trading assets, mainly foreign exchange currency pairs, commodities, precious metals (gold & silver), indices, exchange-traded funds, cryptocurrencies, and stocks.

Account & Leverage

FXGM offers two different types of accounts for retail clients and professional clients, namely retail accounts and professional accounts. The leverage of foreign exchange currency pairs, gold, silver, and oil in the professional account is 1:200, the leverage of the remaining commodities is 1:100, the leverage of index CFDs is 1:100, and the leverage of single stock CFDs and ETFs is 1:100. Leverage is 1:10. Compared with professional accounts, the leverage of retail accounts is obviously much more conservative. For example, the leverage of major currency pairs is 1:30, the leverage of gold and major indices is 1:20, and the leverage of individual stocks and exchange-traded funds is 1: 5.

Spread & Fees

The spread on EURUSD on the FXGM platform is 4 pips, the spread on gold is 1 pip, the spread on silver is 0.06 pips, the spread on Brent crude oil is 0.12 pips, the spread on ADX General is 20 pips, the spread on ASX200 is 4 pips, and the spread on CAC is 40 pips The spread is 4 points, the spread of Bitcoin and USD is 13,000 points, the spread of Ethereum is 48 points, the spread of Adidas stock is 1.5 points, and the spread of ABB company stock is 1.5 points.

Trading Platform

What FXGM provides traders with is not the most popular MT4/MT trading platform on the market, but WebPROfit and Mobile PROfit. WebPROfit is compatible with all major browsers, including multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc. Investors can trade foreign exchange, commodities and CFDs without downloading. The platform includes real-time charts and analysis. Mobile PROfit allows traders to access WebPROfit from mobile phones and tablets.


FXGM supports traders to access their investment accounts through a series of convenient deposit and withdrawal methods, such as VISA/MasterCard/Maestro credit/debit card, wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, RAPID Transfer, MyBank and other payment methods gold.

Pros &Cons

FXGMThe main advantages are:

1. Regulated by many well-known institutions;

2. Rich trading products;

3. Innovative trading platform;

4. There are many deposit and withdrawal methods;

5. The website has multiple language versions;

FXGMThe main disadvantages are:

1. The spread is higher;

2. No instant customer support;

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