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In 1990, Marvel Communications SA was established to specialize in financial software and web applications

In 1990, Marvel Communications SA was established to specialize in financial software and web applications, a pioneer in Swissquote. Swissquote was the first financial platform launched in 1996 to provide free access to the prices of all securities on the SIX Swiss Exchange. To date, is visited 2 million times a month. In 2000, Swissquote shares (SQN) were listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. In 2001, Swissquote entered the SIX Swiss Exchange and the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX exchanges in the United States, and became the first pure online bank in Switzerland. In 2010, Swissquote acquired Advanced Money Markets (ACM), and in 2013, Swissquote Ltd was established in London, merging the various divisions of MIG Bank to bring foreign exchange online services to all markets in the European Union. In 2017, Swissquote became the first bank to offer five cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple). Swissquote Ltd holds a number of licenses authorized by regulators, such as the UK FCA pass-through license (license number: 562170), the Malta MFSA pass-through license (license number: C57936), the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA license, and Dubai Financial Services The Authority's Retail Forex License (License Number: F001438).

Financial Instruments

The financial trading products provided by Swissquote Bank Swissquote for investors mainly include currency pairs, stock indices, securities, precious metals and cryptocurrencies in the foreign exchange market.

Account & Leverage

In order to meet the investment needs and trading experience of different investors, Swissquote provides three different types of accounts (minimum account opening amount is 1,000 USD), namely premium account (minimum account opening amount 5,000 USD), premium account As well as elite accounts (minimum account opening amount is 10,000 US dollars). The base currencies of these four accounts are EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, of which the Supreme account is the most popular.

Spread & Fees

Swissquote's premium accounts have spreads starting from 1.3 pips and no commissions for foreign exchange transactions. The spread on the Supreme account starts from 0.6 pips, and there is no commission for foreign exchange transactions. Spreads for elite accounts start from 0 pips, and commissions for foreign exchange transactions are 2.5 euros per lot.

Trading Platform

Swissquote provides traders with two trading platforms, the MT4 trading platform and the MT5 trading platform. Both MT4 & MT5 trading platforms include extensive analysis and charting components, unlimited automatic trading functions, traders can view the profiles of hundreds of successful traders and automatically copy their trading strategies.


Swissquote supports traders to deposit and withdraw funds from their investment accounts through VISA/MasterCard credit/debit cards, wire transfer payment methods.


The main advantages of Swissquote Swissquote are:

1. Well-regulated;

2. Rich trading assets;

3. Three different trading accounts are available;

4.MT4 & MT5 trading platform;

The main disadvantages of Swissquote are:

1. The minimum initial deposit requirement is high;

2. The deposit and withdrawal methods are limited;

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