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CMC Markets was founded and started operations in London, England in 1989

CMC Markets was founded and started operations in London, England in 1989. In 1996, it released the world's first online retail foreign exchange trading platform. In 2000, it became a CFD dealer and began to provide CFD trading products in the United Kingdom. In 2001 Launch of the spread betting service in the UK. In 2002, the first office outside the UK was opened in Sydney, Australia. More offices were opened in Beijing, Canada, and Germany. In 2006, the New Zealand office was opened. ) bought a 10% stake in CMC Markets. In 2013, CMC Markets received 33 industry awards worldwide. Poland and Austria offices were opened in 2015; continuously innovative trading platforms have successively introduced functions such as guaranteed stop loss, simultaneous long and short, and module linking. Listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2016. After 30 years of development, today's CMC Markets has entered the market in 15 countries, providing nearly 10,000 global financial products, including stocks, indices, foreign exchange, bonds, cryptocurrencies and other major asset classes, becoming the first choice for active traders platform. CMC Markets branches in different countries are regulated by local financial regulators, including the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), Canadian Investment Industry Regulatory Organization (IIROC), Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), New Zealand Monetary Authority (FMA), French Financial Market Authority (AMF) and other 14 financial regulators.

Security Analysis

Funds deposited by retail clients are generally received by CMC Markets in segregated accounts with major local banks. After this, the full value of the client's trading account will be treated as client funds and the company will keep the equivalent amount in a segregated trust bank account and perform daily client funds reconciliation as required by regulations to ensure bank trust/segregation The funds in the account accurately reflect the retail customer's assets.

Main business

CMC Markets has a huge number of trading products, nearly 10,000 financial products. There are 348 foreign exchange products (trading more than 330 spot and forward currency pair CFDs, including major, minor and emerging currency pairs), 116 index products (trading global 100 spot and futures stock index products CFDs), 9441 kinds Equity products (open positions on over 9,000 global stocks, including 1,000 ETFs. The company offers CFD trading on many popular stocks, including Apple, BP, Lloyds Banking Group, Tesco, Rio Tinto, etc.), 110 commodities (can open positions on spot and futures commodity CFDs, including Brent crude oil and West Texas Intermediate crude oil, gold and silver), 51 bonds (bond market includes government debt instruments such as British government bonds, German long and short-term bonds and U.S. Treasuries. CMC offers quotes on over 55 global bond CFDs, including spot and futures products, 12 cryptocurrencies (trade over 10 of today's most popular cryptocurrency CFD products, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and a unique range of cryptocurrency index product).

Leverage & Account

The maximum leverage of major currencies for foreign exchange products is 1:500, and the maximum leverage of stock index products is 1:500. The leverage of bond products is 1:200 to 1:400, and the leverage of commodities is 1:100 to 1:200. The company has live accounts and demo accounts, each client can hold a CFD account, the company will decide whether to provide multiple CFD accounts as appropriate.

Spread & Commission

The spread of foreign exchange products is as low as 0.7, the spread of the UK 100 and the German 30 stock index is as low as 1, and the spread of the US 30 stock index is as low as 1.4. Gold spreads are as low as 0.4, crude oil spreads are as low as 3.5, and natural gas spreads are as low as 0.3. The minimum spread is 1.0 for bonds, 1.9 for Bitcoin Cash/USD, 1.9 for ETH/USD, and 40 for Bitcoin/USD. There are two commission charges for share CFDs when a trade is opened and closed. Commission charges depend on which country the stock product originates from. For non-US stocks, commission rates are calculated as a percentage of the order amount. For U.S. stocks, the commission rate is 2 cents per share. At the end of each trading day at 5:00 PM (New York time), any cash positions held in a user's account may be charged a fee known as a "holding cost".

Trading Platform

CMC Markets adopts the MT4 trading platform, which is a powerful online trading platform and mobile application. In addition to the previous technical indicators and drawing tools, price forecasting tools, module correlation, mobile trading charts, and the advantages of direct trading from charts, there are also a series of innovative tools, including customer sentiment indicators, multiple chart layouts and patterns Identify scans. The Client Sentiment Indicator allows traders to see the number of clients and the value of their positions in near real-time. Customer sentiment is automatically updated with intraday events and price movements – this is especially useful when market conditions are volatile. A variety of chart layouts allow users to set the platform desktop according to their preferences, allow users to fully customize their modules, and freely save or switch up to 5 trading desktops. Pattern recognition scans the data of more than 120 most popular products, automatically reminds users of the formation and breakthrough of popular chart patterns such as triangles, wedges and channels, and updates every 15 minutes to ensure users are aware of potential trading opportunities.


The deposit and withdrawal methods of CMC Markets are bank transfer, Paypal, BPAY (BPAY is a unique bill payment system in Australia, which allows users to pay bills through banks or other financial institutions, using telephone or online systems) and POLi (POLi is An online payment service that allows users to transfer money to CMC Markets securely and in real time directly through an online banking account, CMC Market does not charge fees for this transaction). Users can deposit funds into the account using a credit or debit card, or by transferring money from a bank account. There is a 1% fee for transfers using a credit card and a 0.5% fee for debit cards, and the company does not accept checks or cash deposits. For withdrawals, users can click the "transfer money" icon and then select the "transfer funds" tab to transfer funds online from the account.

If the user's bank information has been saved, as long as the application is made before 2:00 pm Sydney time, the user's application will be processed on the same day.

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