Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC)

The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission VFSC was established in 1993.

Forex Regulatory Tips

Vanuatu VFSC supervises foreign exchange margin trading activities via email consultation.

List of Regulated Companies

A total of 114 companies are regulated and licensed foreign exchange brokers. The full name is abbreviated regulatory number. Regulatory status Accuindex Limited Accuindex 40306 is regulated ACY CAPITAL AUSTRALIA LIMITED ACY CAPITAL AUSTRALIA 12868 is regulated Champion Group Ltd Champion Group 14772 is regulated Direct Trading Technologies Ltd Direct Trading Technologies 40169 Regulated DBFX LIMITED DBFX 40133 Regulated IBULL CAPITAL LIMITED IBULL CAPITAL 14747 Regulated FALCON INTERNATIONAL SERVICES Inc. FALCON INTERNATIONAL SERVICES 14868 Regulated FINANCIKA (SHARP TRADING) LTD FINANCIKA 12898 Regulated 14 FOREXCHIEF LTD Global FOREX Market Limited Global Market Index 14646 under supervision

Organization Profile

Nature of the organization:
Government agencies
Institutional History:
The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission VFSC was established in 1993 under Section 35 of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission Act 1993.
Regulatory functions:
VFSC is responsible for supervising financial service providers such as investment business and credit business.
VFSC also provides the following services: company registration, charity management, credit union management, trade union management, individual title securities management.
VFSC is committed to promoting the development of Vanuatu's financial services industry, promoting the construction of financial center infrastructure, and unswervingly maintaining the reputation and unity of VFSC financial center.
Regulatory Objective/Scope:
Maintain VFSC's status as a global financial center with high regulatory standards through the following measures:
1. Reduce the risk of economic losses for investors due to fraud, illegality, dishonesty, and imperfect systems of financial service providers;
2. Maintain and enhance Vanuatu's reputation in the field of financial business
3. Protect the greatest economic interests of Vanuatu
4. Fight against financial crime in Vanuatu and beyond
To further support the goals of the VSFC, the following specific measures are adhered to:
1. Make sure the regulated agency complies with each clause
2. Ensuring that regulated bodies operate within acceptable standards of good regulation
3. Compliance with international standards: protection of investment companies, trust companies, anti-money laundering activities and countering terrorist financing activities
4. Severely crack down on those who abuse and violate regulatory terms
5. To ensure the efficient operation of the VFSC and be accountable to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy.

Licence application

Application Requirements
1. Physical office requirements:
1). VFSC requires the applicant to have a physical office in Vanuatu, and the office is required to have:
(A) A functioning system;
(B) Management and accounting systems;
(C) Business Continuity Systems;
(D) Software systems and servers.
2). In addition, VFSC requires executives or shareholders of financial licensees to reside in Vanuatu for 6 months per year.
If a company fails to provide services within 6 months of obtaining a financial license, the license will be revoked.

License Fee

VFSC financial license application fee:
According to the regulations, the application fee for applying for a VFSC financial license (main business or agent) is 100,000 vatu (about 6,160 RMB) or more.
At the same time, each company needs to pay a guarantee of about 5 million vatu (about 300,000 yuan).
VFSC requires licensed firms to insure partners, employees, ex-partners, ex-employees and ex-consultants, including professional liability insurance. The minimum compensation amount for each company is 5 million vatu (about 300,000 yuan), the highest is 50 million vatu (about 3 million yuan), and the maximum deductible is 500,000 vatu (about 30,000 yuan).

Regulatory Inquiries

How to search for financial companies regulated by Vanuatu VFSC? The following is an example of querying a securities company to show you:
Step 1 Enter the Vanuatu VFSC official website:
Step 2 After entering the VFSC official website, click to select "FINANCIAL DEALERS LICENCE";

Step 3 After entering the "Financial Broker License" page, click to enter "Financial Dealers Licensees" under "List of Licensees";

Note: This "License List" is updated monthly.
Step 4 Click to enter the "Financial Broker Licensed" list, press Ctrl+F, and enter the company name to search.

In addition to obtaining the information of the financial license company through the above steps, other financial company information can be found through the following link address:
1. Trust Service Company Directory:
2. Management Company Directory:
3. General Company Directory:
4. Directory of limited companies:
5. Special Trust Services Company Directory:
Note: After entering the company name in the search box of the VFSC official website, the company information can generally be found.

Regulatory complaints

When you are not satisfied with your investment, you can file a complaint in 3 steps:
Step 1: Contact the financial company directly
When you are not satisfied with your investment transaction, the best way is to contact the financial company directly to help you solve the problem.
Step 2: If you are not satisfied with the processing result of the financial company, you can file a complaint with Vanuatu VFSC
There are two types of complaints:
1. Mail complaints: [email protected]
2. Telephone complaints: +678 22247
Step 3: File a complaint in court
If you are not satisfied with the response from the financial company or the Vanuatu VFSC, you can take a complaint to court.

Example of punishment


When was VFSC established?
A: Vanuatu VFSC was established in 1993.

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