Lebanese Capital Market Authority (CMA)

The Lebanese CMA was established in 2011 as a government agency.

Organization Profile

First, the nature of the organization
The Lebanese Capital Market Authority (CMA) is an independent and autonomous regulatory agency. The Lebanese Capital Market Law grants it the power to regulate, supervise and issue licenses for capital market activities in Lebanon. The Lebanese CMA is a government agency.
2. Institutional History
According to the Capital Market Law (No. 161) approved on August 17, 2011, the Lebanese Capital Market Authority CMA was officially established.
3. Institutional Objectives
The objectives of the Lebanese CMA are:
(1) To promote the development of the Lebanese capital market;
(2) Protect investors from fraud: Publish regulations in line with international best practices, with appropriate controls and audits of all institutions related to financial instruments.
4. Members of the Board of Directors
The Lebanese CMA board has seven members:
(1) Chairman: Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon;
(2) Full-time executive directors (three): experts in capital market, banking and financial affairs;
(3) Part-time directors: Minister of Finance, Minister of Economy and Trade, Chairman of Banking Control Committee.

Licence application

I. Application process
1. Financial institutions, banks and financial intermediaries must first register with the Central Bank of Lebanon (BDL).
2. The financial intermediary applies to the Lebanese CMA for a license to become an "Approved Instiyution" (approved institution) (fill in the application form and attach other information and documents; payment)
3. Financial intermediaries apply to the Lebanese CMA for business activities and financial instrument authority (subject to minimum paid-in capital requirements).
2. Minimum paid-in capital
Note: 100 million Lebanese pounds is about 470,000 RMB.
3. Other requirements
The Lebanese CMA requires that the headquarters of the applicant company must be in Lebanon.

Regulatory Rules

Regulatory Inquiries

Enter the official website:, select "APPROVED INSTITUTIONS" (approved institutions), companies under Financial Intermediation Institutions (Financial Intermediation Institutions) have foreign exchange authority, the √ column indicates that it can be carried out business activities.

Regulatory complaints

Customers must first complain to the relevant company and then to the Lebanese CMA.
Complaint form (Complaint to Lebanon CMA) download address:


1. Which institutions are regulated by the Lebanese Capital Market Authority CMA?
The Lebanese CMA issues licenses and approves financial intermediaries that engage in capital market-related activities. The Lebanese CMA also regulates and licenses: all financial products (traded in Lebanon or sold to investors), securities (including securities-based insurance products).
2. What are the capital requirements for financial intermediaries in Lebanon?
The current capital requirements are: 150 million Lebanese pounds (about 710,000 yuan), 300 million Lebanese pounds (about 1.413 million yuan), 600 million Lebanese pounds (about 2.83 million yuan), 1.5 billion Lebanese pounds (about 7.07 million yuan), 3 billion Lebanese pounds (about 14.09 million yuan), 6 billion Lebanese pounds (about 28.18 million yuan).
The Lebanese CMA may propose changes at any time.
3. Will investors suffer losses when investing in authorized institutions?
Investment decisions made by authorized institutions can make or lose investors. Therefore, before trading, investors need to understand the risks they may encounter and make decisions based on their own financial situation.
Lebanon's CMA has issued regulations requiring authorised institutions to offer "appropriate" financial products to investors. The Lebanese CMA requires institutions to fully understand the financial and risk capabilities of investors, ensure the suitability of financial products offered, and thus protect investors. If the agency fails to do so, the Lebanese CMA holds it accountable.
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One, contact information
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