Kuwait Capital Market Authority (CMA)

The Kuwait Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is a government agency established in 2010.

Organization Profile

Introduction to the institution: The Kuwait Capital Market Regulatory Authority was established in 2010. Based on the principles of fairness, transparency and integrity, it is committed to formulating supervision and management regulations to create an attractive and competitive investment environment.
Institutional Goals:
1) Regulate securities activities in a fair, transparent and efficient manner
2) According to the best international practice, develop the capital market and promote the diversification of capital market and investment instruments
3) Strengthen investor protection
4) Reduce the risk of securities activities
5) Strengthen information disclosure to achieve fairness and transparency, and prevent conflicts of interest and internal information disclosure
6) Ensure that securities activities comply with relevant rules and regulations
7) To enhance public awareness of securities activities and the benefits, risks and obligations arising from securities investment, and to encourage the development of securities activities

Regulatory Inquiries

1. Go directly to to view the list of licensed companies.
2. Step-by-step query:
Step 1: Open the official website of the Kuwait Capital Market Regulatory Authority:, select "English" (English) in the upper left corner
Step 2: Select "List of Licensed Activities" under "Menu"
Step 3: You can enter the company name in the "Search" (search) to query, or you can directly view the company list.

Contact information

Phone: +965 22903000
Email: [email protected]/[email protected]
Fax: +965 22903500
Address: Kuwait City, Al-Shuhada Street, Al-Hamra Tower, 20th Floor

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