Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM)

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Organization Profile

Type of organization: government agency
Institutional introduction: The Central Bank of Myanmar was established in 2011 to formulate monetary policies, maintain price stability in the domestic market, and ensure the value of the Kyat at home and abroad.
The Central Bank of Myanmar will also promote an effective payment mechanism to ensure the soundness, liquidity, solvency and proper operation of the financial system, and promote the orderly, coordinated and sustainable development of financial instruments such as money and credit.
1) as the issuer of the national currency and the national bank;
2) As the government's brokerage advisor;
3) Inspection and supervision of financial institutions;
4) Banks as financial institutions;
5) Manage the country's foreign exchange reserves and execute currency transactions between countries, and undertake all the above responsibilities together in the name of the government.

Licence application

Application Requirements
Minimum capital requirements
The initial capital of Myanmar Currency Exchange Company is as follows:

License Fee

Licenses are renewed every five years and the application and renewal fees are as follows:

Regulatory Rules

Regulatory Framework: Central Bank of Myanmar Regulations for Financial Institutions
Reporting requirements: All financial institutions are required to submit weekly reports; monthly reports at the end of the month, including assets and liabilities

Regulatory Inquiries

Inquiry steps for non-bank financial institutions:
Step 1: Open the Central Bank of Myanmar website:
Step 2: Find "Financial Institutions" in the homepage directory and click "Non-Bank Financial Institutions".

Step 3: Go to the "Non-Bank Financial Institutions" page, there are currently 29 companies listed, just inquire directly.


1. When was the Central Bank of Myanmar established?
The Central Bank of Myanmar was established in 2011 and acts as the financial regulator to oversee banks and financial companies.
2. Which companies does the Central Bank of Myanmar regulate?
State-owned banks, Myanmar branches of foreign banks, mobile financial service providers, non-bank financial institutions, private banks and Myanmar offices of foreign financial companies.
3. What is the fee for applying for a non-bank financial institution license?
The initial capital requirement for applying for a non-bank financial institution license is 1 million kyats (about 4,620 RMB), and the monthly application fee is 50,000 kyats (about 231 RMB).
4. Are there any penalties for violating regulations?
Have. According to the "Myanmar Central Bank Law", any institution cannot provide currency exchange services without a formal license; if violated, it can be punished with a maximum of 10,000 kyats (about 46 yuan) or a maximum of 2 years in prison.

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Contact information

Address: Office No.55, Nay Pyi Taw
Tel: 95-67-418203
Fax: 95-67-418270
Email: [email protected]

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