Central Bank of Swaziland (CBS)

Aims to become one of the top five central banks in East and Southern Africa.


Become one of the top five central banks in East and Southern Africa.
Promote financial sector stability and drive Swaziland's economic development
1. Performance-driven: We are performance-oriented, provide services that exceed expected standards in a timely manner, and maintain good relationships with stakeholders.
2. Responsibility Driven: We take all actions autonomously and respond in an open and transparent manner
3. Integrity-driven: Our behavior is integrity-driven. We are sincere, respectful, honest, ethical and consistent in our decisions.
4. Communication driven: We believe in the timely delivery of our tasks in open communication, taking constructive criticism and ideas
Mission of the Bank:
1. Formulate and implement sound monetary policies to achieve financial stability.
2. Regulate and supervise the financial sector to achieve a sound and efficient financial system.
3. Issuance and redemption of currency (notes and coins) in Swaziland, which is legal tender.
Master and manage national foreign exchange reserves.
5. Acting as banker, advisor and agent to the Government of Swaziland in monetary and financial affairs.
6. Promote the effective development and operation of the national payment system.
7. As the lender of last resort for financial institutions, promote the development of the domestic financial market.
8. Conduct research on monetary, financial and economic matters to assist in the formulation of monetary policy and strengthen relationships among shareholders.

Regulatory Inquiries

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Contact information

Address: Mahlokohla Street, Mbabane, Swaziland
Mailing Address: PO Box, 546 Mbabane (H100)
Tel: [ 268] 2408 2000
Fax: [ 268] 2404 0063
Email: [email protected]

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