Barbados Financial Services Commission (FSC)

Established on April 1, 2011, the FSC is an integrated regulatory body.

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Note: After verification by staff, this institution does not regulate foreign exchange


The FSC was established on April 1, 2011 as an integrated regulatory body.
The main functions of FSC are:
1. Governing specific statutes, including licensing or registering financial institutions
2. Supervise the operation of financial institutions
3. Setting standards, strengthening institutional governance, managing risks in the financial services industry and protecting consumers and creditors of financial institutions
4. Strengthen financial stability, increase public awareness and the credibility of financial institutions' operations.

Regulatory Inquiries

Regulated Entity List Securities:
Credit Unions:

Contact information

Address: Suites 301 & 302, Building 4 Harbour Industrial Park | Bridgetown | St. Michael | Barbados BB11142
Tel: 421-2142
Fax: 421-2146
Email: [email protected]

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