Nepal People's Bank (NRB)

The Central Bank of Nepal was established in 1956 under the Nepal Lauster Banking Act 1955 to perform central bank duties including directing the development of the do...

Organization Profile

Institutional nature
Government agencies
Institutional History
The Central Bank of Nepal, NRB, was established in 1956.
Regulatory functions
The main functions are as follows:
1. Formulate the necessary monetary and foreign exchange policies to maintain price stability, consolidate the balance of payments, and promote sustainable economic development in Nepal;
2. Establish a safe, healthy and efficient payment system;
3. Carry out proper supervision of the financial system to maintain its stability and promote its healthy development;
4. To further enhance public confidence in Nepal's entire banking and financial system.
Regulatory Objectives/Scope
The vision of Nepal's NRB is to be a "modern, dynamic, credible and effective central bank". The World Bank clearly recognizes that in order to achieve these goals in the current dynamic environment, continued progress and continued reform of the financial sector are essential. Continuously recognizing this important responsibility, the NRB is earnestly implementing a variety of policies, strategies and actions, which are reflected in the annual Monetary Policy Report.
Headquarters Tel: 977 1 4410158, 4410201, 4411250; 977 1 4419804, 4419805, 4419807 Headquarters Fax: 977 1 4410159 Headquarters Office Address: BaluwatarKathmandu, NepalP. O. Box 73

Regulatory Inquiries

Step 1 Enter the official website of the Central Bank of Nepal:,
Step 2 Select "Foreign Exchange Management" under "Directives, Notification" on the left;

Step 3 After entering the "Foreign Exchange Management" page, pull down to the bottom of the page and find the financial company category under "Licensed Institutions". Currently, there is only a list of licensed remittance companies;

Step 4 Go to the "Licensed" (list of licensed companies) page, enter the company name to search (press Ctrl+F and a search box will appear in the upper right corner).

Example of punishment

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