Bank of Thailand (BOT)

The BOT first existed as the State Bank of Thailand Bureau and officially started operation in 1942.

Forex Regulatory Tips

Thai BOT does not regulate leveraged foreign exchange.

Organization Profile

Institutional nature
The BOT of Thailand is a government agency, and the Bank of Thailand (BOT for short) originally existed as the State Bank of Thailand.
Institutional History
Thailand BOT was established in 1942.
Regulatory functions
1. Promote the prosperity of the economy and financial system through the implementation of monetary policy, and promote the rate of economic growth in line with the country's potential.
2. Create an environment conducive to economic development, which in the long run can improve the quality of life of the people of the country.
3. The main task is to maintain financial stability, control inflation and the exchange rate within the normal range.
4. Regulate financial institutions and payment systems, and protect financial consumers.
Regulatory Objectives/Scope
1. Financial institutions
1) Commercial Banks (Retail Banks, Head Offices, Branches of Foreign Banks)
2) Financial companies
3) Real estate credit company
2. Offices of foreign financial institutions
3. Asset management companies
4. Non-Banking Companies
5. Electronic payment companies

Regulatory Inquiries

Step 1 Go to and select different types of entities (different entities are marked with red boxes). Currently only the Thai version can open the query page.

Step 2 Click to enter the page of the relevant entity and download the list (take the first entity—commercial bank as an example)

Step 3 In the downloaded list, enter the company name in the search box to find it (press Ctrl+F to get to the search box)

Regulatory complaints

Thai BOT does not regulate leveraged foreign exchange, but if you are not satisfied with other investments, you can file a complaint through the following 3 steps:
Step 1: Contact the financial company directly
When you have a complaint, the best way is to contact the financial company directly to help resolve it.
Step 2: If you are not satisfied with the processing results of the financial company, you can file a complaint
If you are not satisfied with the dealer's response, you can contact Thailand BOT for a free complaint.
There are 5 ways to complain:
(1) Submit a complaint to Thailand BOT by mail.
Email Complaint Address: [email protected]
(2) Submit a complaint to Thailand BOT by fax.
Fax Complaint Address: 0-2283-6151
(3) Submit a complaint to Thailand BOT by telephone.
Telephone complaint address: 66 2283 5353
(4) Submit a complaint to Thailand BOT online (only one complaint number is provided on the website).
Online complaint address:
Step 3: File a complaint in court
If you are not satisfied with the response from the financial company or the Thai BOT, you can file a complaint in court.

Example of punishment


How to deal with online scams?
Internet scams include malware, phishing, etc. Fraud agencies will steal logos of banks or official agencies, create fake website addresses or send emails, and trick Internet users (mainly online banking users) to provide passwords, PINs, credit card numbers or other personal information, etc.
How to avoid online scams:
Do not easily provide personal information to others;
Do not connect to free public WIFI for online banking transactions;
Do not visit high-risk websites. If the software contains a lot of advertisements, online games, pop-up windows, etc., use it with caution and use common trading software;
Confirm whether the address of the online banking website is correct before the transaction. If you find that the official website of the bank is abnormal, please stop the transaction and report to the bank through its call center immediately;
Change your password regularly and do not share your password with others;
Do not reply to emails asking for personal information;
After completing the transaction through the website, you should log out in time.

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Contact information

Address: 273 Samsen Road, Watsamphraya,Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok 10200
Tel: 66 2283-5353,
Fax: 66 2280-0449, 66 2280-0626
Email: [email protected]
Web Consulting: /ThankYou.aspx

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