Croatian Financial Services Authority (HANFA)

Established in 2005, Hanfa is an official body with independent legal personality and is accountable to the country's parliament.


Hanfa, the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Authority, was established in 2005 as an official body with an independent legal personality and is accountable to the country's parliament.
Hanfa is a regulator that regulates financial markets, financial services, and the financial entities that provide these services. Hanfa is responsible for supervising the commercial activities carried out by stock exchanges and regulated public markets, the investment services provided by authorised companies, the investment businesses carried out, investment companies and securities issuers, brokers and investment advisers, fixed agents, central clearing and depository Trust companies, insurance and reinsurance companies, etc.
The main objective of Hanfa is to maintain the stability of the financial system and supervise the operation of regulated institutions.

Regulatory Inquiries

1. Go to and select Capital market
2. Click Registers and different company categories will appear
3. Take Investment firms as an example, you can enter the company name to search, or you can directly view the list
4. The company details are as follows:


Hanfa will conduct on-site and off-site inspections in accordance with the law after receiving the complaint. Regulated entities may receive warnings about business operation violations, and in severe cases, they will be ordered to stop the illegal business.
It should be noted, however, that Hanfa does not have an authority to arbitrate assets and liabilities or to help enforce consumer rights in disputes over individual contractual relationships. Hanfa only authorizes inspections for violations of regulations.
Finally, Hanfa is a regulator, not a consultant, and therefore Hanfa is not authorized to provide legal advice to users of financial services.
How to submit an appeal
1. Submit a written complaint or request an explanation from the regulated firm. Before taking any other action, it is advisable to ask the regulated firm for a written response.
2. If no response has been received from the regulated company, or the appeal has been rejected, and you believe that the company has violated the law, then you can submit an appeal to Hanfa at this time.
3. When submitting an appeal, it should be noted that:
1) Personal contact information, such as name, address or the contact information of the person authorized to represent the appeal, shall be provided in the appeal. In the latter case, a power of attorney must be attached
2) Autograph on the appeal
3) Provide the name and address of the natural or legal person related to the appeal
4) Explain in detail the reasons for the appeal and attach all relevant documents. Send appeal to [email protected]
When sending an electronic appeal, the appeal file cannot exceed 3MB and can only be sent in PDF, DOC, JPG.

Contact information

Phone: 385 1 6173 200
Fax: 385 1 4811 406
Consultation email: [email protected]
Consumer protection inquiries: [email protected]
Investment firm inquiries: [email protected]
Address: Hrvatska agencija za nadzor financijskih usluga Miramarska 24b HR - 10 000 Zagreb

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