Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA)

According to the FMA's laws and regulations, the FMA must ensure the stability of the financial markets in Liechtenstein, protect the interests of customers, prevent m...


According to the FMA's laws and regulations, the FMA must ensure the stability of Liechtenstein's financial markets, protect the interests of customers, prevent market disruption and comply with internationally recognized standards.
As an integrated and independent supervisory authority, the FMA is responsible for overseeing the Liechtenstein financial centre. FMA can ensure the stability of financial institutions and markets and protect the interests of customers through supervision. Once the regulatory rules are violated, the FMA will take necessary measures to protect customers and maintain the reputation of the financial center. The FMA also takes over disputes over the conduct of an activity without authorisation.

Regulatory Inquiries

MA's authority:
The FMA is responsible for the supervision and implementation of the Financial Market Conduct Law. You can contact the FMA in the following situations:
1. The authorized financial intermediary violates the regulatory law (if the conditions for permanent authorization are not met)
2. Regulatory authorization requirements, prohibit unauthorized personnel from conducting business that requires authorization
However, FMA is not capable of providing legal advice or advice to resolve civil disputes, which must be handled by licensed lawyers in Liechtenstein.
FMA registrant enquiry:


How to file a complaint with the FMA:
The FMA recommends filing an appeal by letter or by mail. In order to ensure that the appeal can be dealt with quickly, the appeal must contain the following contents:
1. The party initiating the appeal:
1. Name
2. Contact information (address, telephone, email address)
two. Person related to the grievance:
1. The name or business name of a regulated financial intermediary or other legal person, entity
2. Address
3. Relationship type (is it a customer or a person of interest, etc.)
three. Complaint content
1. Description of the matter
2. Reasons for Complaint
3. Auxiliary information (corresponding letters, accounts, escrow account statements, contracts, investor profiles, product information, advertising materials, etc.) (Note: only copies are required)
4. Date and Signature
Four. Appeals submitted to the FMA must be sent to the email: [email protected]
Mailing address: Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein
Landstrasse 109P.O. Box 2799490 VaduzLiechtenstein
Complaints filed with the FMA do not affect any legal or contractual deadlines (such as payment deadlines or statutes of limitations)

Contact information

Address: Finanzmarktaufsicht Liechtenstein
Landstrasse 109, Postfach 279
9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Tel: 423 236 73 73
Fax: 423 236 73 74
Email: [email protected]

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