Turkish Capital Market Board (CMB)

Turkey CMB is a government agency established in 1982.

Forex Regulatory Tips

Turkey Capital Market Board CMB regulates leveraged foreign exchange trading. Licensed as "Intermediary Institutions".

List of Regulated Companies

A total of 65 companies are regulated and licensed foreign exchange brokers. The full name is abbreviated regulatory number. Regulatory status A1 CAPİTAL YATIRIM MENKUL DEĞERLER A.Ş A1 Capital G-038(412) Acar Menkul Değerler A.Ş. Acar K-005 (416) AHLATCI YATIRIM MENKUL DEĞERLER A.Ş. AHLATCI G-055(417) Under supervision Ak Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş. AK Yatirim G-014(300) Under supervision ALAN YATIRIM MENKUL DEĞERLER A.Ş. G-017 (379) ALB MENKUL DEĞERLER A.Ş. ALB Forex G-003(407) ALTERNATİF MENKUL DEĞERLER A.Ş. .Ş. ANADOLU YATIRIM MENKUL KIYMETLER G-051(299) Under supervision ATA YATIRIM MENKUL KIYMETLER A.Ş. ATA YATIRIM MENKUL KIYMETLER G-037(266) Under supervision 087) Under supervision

Organization Profile

Institutional nature
The Turkish Capital Market Board CMB, as the Turkish securities market regulator, is a government regulatory agency authorized by the Turkish Capital Market Law. It was formally established in 1982 and is responsible for supervising the Turkish capital market and trading instruments and institutions.
Institutional Mission
Innovate supervision to ensure the fairness, effectiveness and transparency of the Turkish capital market and enhance the international competitiveness of the Turkish capital market.
Institutional Goals
1. Strengthen the protection of investors
2. Learn from international capital market rules and integrate them into regulations
3. Improve the efficiency of both market supply and demand
4. Promote fair and open capital markets
5. Promote the modernization of the market structure
6. Strengthen the infrastructure of the capital market
7. Improve the quality of work projects and committee staff

License Type

Turkey CMB stated that any foreign person and legal entity (including trust investment and fund investment) can freely buy and sell various securities and other capital market instruments in the Turkish capital market.
Foreign institutional investors or retail investors should conduct securities activities through Turkish intermediaries. Such as buying and selling securities, repo, reverse repo, portfolio management, investment consulting, underwriting, margin trading, securities lending, etc.
Foreign investors can also hedge currency risk in the ISE derivatives market.
CMB authorizes "Intermediary Institutions" licensees to provide foreign exchange trading services.
Link to List of Regulated Forex Companies:

Regulatory Inquiries

The first step: Open the official website of the Turkish Capital Market Board CMB:
Step 2: Click "Institutions" at the top of the website, select "Intermediary Institutions", click "Currently Owned Licence(s)" to view the existing licensees.

Step 3: Click "Click for listing all Licenses" and a list of regulated companies will appear.

Attention! Among them, for the last column "Belge Durumu" (regulatory status), Google translates as——
Faaliyette: Active status
Geçici İptal: Temporarily Cancelled

Regulatory Rules

Leverage Limits
Turkey's Capital Markets Board CMB announced in early February 2017 that the minimum deposit for investor accounts is 50,000 lire, or about $13,500, and the leverage limit is 10:1.

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Contact information

Phone: +90 (312) 292 90 90 (Headquarters), +90 (212) 334 55 00 (Istanbul Branch)
Fax: +90 (312) 292 90 00 (Headquarters), +90 (212) 334 56 00 (Istanbul Branch)
Headquarters address: Eskişehir Yolu 8.Km No:15606530 ANKARA

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