Russian International Financial Market Relations Supervision Center (IFMRRC)

The International Financial Market Relations Regulatory Center IFMRRC is a non-commercial organization responsible for monitoring the quality of service of dealers and...

Organization Profile

The International Financial Market Relations Regulatory Center (IFMRRC) is a non-commercial organization that regulates the quality of services provided by brokers and trading centers, and the reliability of services provided by cryptocurrency market participants, including crypto Currency, cryptocurrency exchange market, cryptocurrency cloud mining services and companies attracting investment through ICOs.
The center uses financial institution accreditation for its statutory purposes. Each company is scrutinized and certified upon receipt of some type of compliance certificate based on the audit results. The issuance of certificates is strictly regulated by the IFMRRC, and certified companies must pledge to comply with the IFMRRC conditions and provide fair and high-quality services to their clients.
IFMRRC activities include:
(1) Evaluate the activities of financial institutions and award certificates;
(2) Coordinating financial market activities;
(3) Minimize the risks of financial market participants;
(4) Improve the supervision system;
(5) To establish a client compensation fund organization of FMRRC member institutions;
FMRRC's mission is to protect the security of financial markets and their transactions for traders. FMRRC is an independent organization that advocates policy transparency for all participants in international foreign exchange.
Online consultation:
Complaint email: [email protected]
General consultation email: [email protected]

Membership query

1. Enter the platform keyword in the search bar in the lower left corner of the website, such as "Anyoption"
2. Click search and the search result will appear
3. Click any point to check the certificate content and validity period. Please note that the certificate is valid for one year.

Regulatory Rules

IFMRRC Rules and Regulations
(1) Financial institutions that have obtained the IFMRRC compliance certificate shall strictly abide by all the terms of the "Statute" approved by the FMRRC (hereinafter referred to as "the Center") and carry out activities in accordance with this document.
(2) The certification company does not allow the existence of acts that damage the FMRRC and violate its regulations.
(3) Brokerage companies that violate the "Statute" and "Central Rules and Regulations", or companies that cause damage to IFMRRC, will be deprived of the certificate of compliance and the right to apply for the certificate later.
(4) The IFMRRC's decision is mandatory for companies that have obtained a certificate of compliance or are in the process of certification.
(5) Financial institutions that have obtained IFMRRC compliance certificates shall provide timely assistance to disputes, ensure timely resolution of disputes and make objective decisions.
(6) Accredited members of the Centre shall pay membership fees in accordance with the current IFMRRC statutes.
(7) The IFMRRC Standardization and Certification Committee has the right to conduct an unscheduled audit of the certified member companies on a quarterly basis. At the same time, the certified members are required to cooperate in providing all necessary materials.
(8) All claims shall be received and processed in accordance with the procedural rules.
(9) Participants of the Centre shall exclude any cases of abuse of their relationship with the organisation and of bad behaviour that may in any way affect the reputation of the IFMRRC.
These rules and regulations are mandatory and all use the IFMRRC to provide the main guiding principles for all financial market participants.

Appeal Claim

Appeal Claim Form:
Rules for filing a claim:
1. The claims of non-FMRRC member institutions will not be accepted by FMRRC
2. Please file a complaint with the FMRRC after negotiating with the financial institution if you are not satisfied with the processing result or if the financial institution has not given a response to the complaint within 7 days.
Claim period:
Claims can be filed within 1 month of a dispute with a broker. After FMRRC accepts the claim, the time for reviewing the information is 7 working days, and the final decision time is about 7-30 days.

Compensation Ordinance

"International Financial Market Relations Supervision Center" Non-Commercial Partnership Compensation Fund Regulations
1. General provisions
1.1 The Compensation Fund is established to ensure liability for client losses arising from the provision of non-compliant brokerage services by IFMRRC accredited firms.
1.2 Within the scope of the Compensation Fund, the IFMRRC certified company is financially responsible for the company-client relationship as specified in the document, and the money can only be used for losses arising from incomplete implementation or standard implementation of obligations.
2. Procedures for the formation of the compensation fund
2.1 Upon receipt of a certificate of compliance from IFMRRC, the certification company shall pay the compensation fund within 5 working days.
2.2 The financial organization must pay the compensation fund.
2.3 If the company certificate is revoked due to violation of the IFMRRC NCP regulations, then the fees paid to the compensation fund cannot be refunded.
3. Payment of compensation fund
3.1 Compensation from the Compensation Fund will only be effective if the IFMRRC Council recognizes the infringement of the IFMRRC NCP certified brokerage company and the company refuses to claim.
3.2 The Compensation Fund shall only be used for the purposes described in Article 1.3 of the Regulations.
3.3 The IFMRRC Board of Directors will decide to pay out of the Compensation Fund if the Client acknowledges the relevance of the claim to its satisfaction. Payment will be made within 10 working days of the decision.
3.4 Payment is made based on the details provided by the customer. IFMRRC NCP reserves the right to request any necessary documents to verify the identity of the client. IFMRRC NCP reserves the right to refuse compensation fund payments if the client refuses to provide the requested documents.
4. Final Terms
4.1. These Regulations shall come into force upon approval by the IFMRRC NCP Committee.
4.2. Modifications and amendments to these Regulations have been approved by the IFMRRC NCP Council and published on the official website of the Partnership.

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