Nova Scotia Securities Commission (NSSC)

The Nova Scotia Securities Commission was established to provide investor protection and build investor fairness and confidence in Nova Scotia's capital markets.


1. About NSSC
The Nova Scotia Securities Commission was established to provide investor protection and build investor confidence in Nova Scotia's capital markets.
2. How do we protect investors?
Investment Education: Provides an unbiased information resource to help Nova Scotia make informed investment decisions
Compliance: Conduct compliance reviews of companies and their registrants.
Registration: Any institution or individual doing investment business in Nova Scotia must be registered with the NSSC.
Corporate Finance: Review proceeds to ensure that private and public companies comply with securities laws and disclose to their investors as necessary.
Legal: Prosecute individuals or companies that violate Nova Scotia securities laws.
3. To carry out its mission, the NSSC works closely with other securities regulators in Canada through the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA). The CSA is the umbrella organization for the 13 securities regulators in Canada's provinces and territories that work together to assist in the regulation of Canada's capital markets.

Investment advice

Before making an investment:
The first step is to check whether it has been registered in Canada. Check the link:;
The second step is to find out if the company has violated the rules before:;
The third step, please use your personal ID card, phone number, credit card account number and other information with caution on the Internet;
The fourth step, the relevant information requires the investment company to provide written documents.

How to complain

1. NSSC is not a dispute settlement institution and cannot help users to claim funds for rights protection. If your complaint involves:
1) For financial advisors, investment companies, investment accounts, etc., it is recommended that you negotiate with the internal complaint department of the broker
2) The institution you are complaining against is a member of the Canadian Investment Industry Regulatory Organization IIROC or the Canadian Dealer Fund Association MFDA, you can submit a complaint directly to IIROC, MFDA
3) File a complaint with the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments of Canada (OBSI)
4) Submit a complaint to NSSC, NSSC can only help you to investigate whether the organization has violated the rules or impose fines and other notices, but NSSC has no right to help users recover the amount of compensation
(Online complaints:

Contact information

Phone: 1-855-424-2499/ 902-424-8814. ·
Fax: 902-424-3538
Email: [email protected]
Address: 5251 Duke Street, Suite 600, Duke Tower, PO Box 451, Halifax, NS B3J 3K8.

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