Alberta Securities Commission (ASC)

The ASC is the regulatory agency that administers the province's securities laws.


The ASC is the regulator that administers the province's securities laws. Aims to create fair and efficient capital markets for Alberta and protect investor transactions.
The Securities Act (Alberta) is designed to ensure that capital markets in Alberta operate fairly and efficiently for participants and that investors have access to timely and accurate information on which to base their investment decisions. The requirements stipulate that those dealing in securities in Alberta must be registered with the ASC and comply with regulatory rules and regulations.
The ASC regulates all securities-related activities in Alberta directly or indirectly through Self-Regulatory Organizations (SROs). These organizations are regularly reviewed by securities regulators to ensure compliance with standards and fulfillment of their responsibilities.
The ASC Committee members are appointed by the Alberta Lieutenant Governors Council. The ASC determines policy, negotiates and approves new rules, submits recommendations to the Securities Act (Alberta), and revises the Alberta Securities Commission Rules pursuant to the Act. ".
ASC As a member of the Canadian Securities Commission (CSA), ASC is committed to assisting in regulation to improve Canadian capital markets.
ASC is an industry-funded corporation, but a non-commercial company, it has no board of directors, shareholders. While ASC funding is not sourced from taxpayers, it is accountable to the Minister of Finance and Enterprise.
As a public sector agency, ASC complies with the Public Sector Pay Transparency Act. The internal organizational structure of ASC is: ASC staff and ASC committee members.


1. Choose the right platform and stay away from economic fraud:
1. Basic information investigation: check whether the agency registration information, regulatory information, and advertised service products are true
(Registration information query:
For regulatory information, you should check with the Securities Commission, and consult the type of institution and what authority it has
2. Check whether the institution has a history of blackmail
2. Scope of Responsibilities
ASC can:
1. Answer general questions about investment products and services
2. Inform the company or individual whether or not to register
3. Inform whether the company or individual is an ASC member
4. Provide you with complaints options and guide you to choose the most suitable agency
5. Investigate or follow up on complaints about Alberta securities laws
6. Requirement to comply with securities regulations
7. Oppose market misconduct
ASC cannot:
1. Provide information on the review process
2. Responsible for investor claims
3. Provide legal advice
4. Review Survey


How to complain:
1. ASC is not a dispute settlement body and cannot compel an order for compensation
2. If your complaint involves investment accounts, financial advisors, investment companies, you should first contact the agency's internal complaints department
3. If you are a member institution of IIROC or MFDA, you can complain directly to IIROC, MFDA
4. If the complaint involves the execution of trading orders, or violates the principle of market uniformity, you can file a complaint with IIROC
Complain to ASC:
The content of the complaint should include: the details of the complaint, the specific time of the incident, all the measures that have been taken, the address and full name of the institution complained of, and a copy of the evidence documents. (Online Complaint Form:

Contact information

Address: Alberta Securities Commission, Suite 600, 250–5th St. SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 0R4 5thfloor
Complaint Tel: (403) 355-3888
Complaint email: [email protected]
Fax: (403) 297-6156

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