Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)

As a regulator, OSC administers and enforces the provisions of the Securities Act of Ontario and the Commodity Futures Act of Ontario.


I. About OSC
As a regulator, OSC administers and enforces the provisions of the Securities Act (Ontario) and the Commodity Futures Act (Ontario). Specifically, we are committed to protecting investors and promoting fair and efficient markets through regulation that sets and oversees the rules of the securities industry in Ontario.
The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) is an independent Canadian Crown corporation that regulates Ontario's capital markets. OSC operates independently, charges market participants to operate, and is accountable to the Ontario Minister of Finance.
2. Our statutory authorization is:
Protect investors from unfair, unfair and other fraudulent acts, promote the fair and efficient operation of the capital market, and stabilize investors' confidence in the capital market.
3. Functions
We protect the interests of investors by formulating rules and implementing powers to maintain the healthy development of Ontario's economy, and regulate investment institutions in Ontario's capital markets.
We oversee securities dealers, financial advisors, public companies, investment funds and other markets in Ontario, such as the Toronto Stock Exchange.
OSC's history dates back to 1928, when the Ontario government introduced the Secure Fraud Prevention Act. The Security Fraud Prevention Commission was renamed the Ontario Securities Commission in 1933.
Fourth, our goal:
Strong protection for investors
Provide substantial regulatory services
Provide effective regulations, oversight and enforcement
Promote financial stability and efficient development
To be an innovative, responsible and efficient regulator
5. Capital Markets in Ontario
Ontario is Canada's most populous province.
Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the 11th financial centre in the world.
Ontario has 1,400 public companies
There are 3,700 investment fund issuers in Ontario
Ontario has 1,300 registered companies
Ontario has 66,000 individual registrars


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Contact information

Address: 20 Queen Street West, 20th Floor, Toronto ON, M5H 3S8
Consultation Tel: 416 593 8314 Free Hotline: 1 877 785 1555 (Working Days 8:30-17:00)
Fax: 416 593 8122
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

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