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TradingView is a financial platform for autonomous traders and investors. Investors share their investment opinions and hone their trading techniques here to achieve s...

Tradingview is a price charting and analysis software with free and paid options launched in September 2011 by a group of traders and software developers. Investors can use Tradingview to view price charts for a variety of different financial markets and asset classes, including stocks, currency pairs, bonds, futures, and cryptocurrencies. In addition, investors can also view multiple trading varieties through the platform, such as stock index futures, European and American currency pairs, gold, crude oil, Bitcoin, and more.
In addition to viewing prices and symbols, Tradingview is a large financial community. Investors can post their own investment insights, market analysis and recent trading strategies, etc. Similarly, users can also see the content posted by others, and everyone can freely communicate and discuss on this platform. The company also provides to B charting services for businesses.
TradingView supports browsing and using the stock data of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Users can use the stock delay data for free and pay real-time stock data on the website. So far, TradingView has provided data on China's two major main board stock markets.

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