French Financial Market Authority (AMF)

AMF is mainly responsible for supervising financial transactions and the disclosure of listed company information

Organization Profile

Institutional nature: government nature
Organization introduction:
AMF was established in 2003 and has about 450 staff. AMF is mainly responsible for supervising financial transactions and the disclosure of listed company information, authorizing the establishment of investment projects including investment funds, verifying the announcement of expected earnings before the sale of each investment product, determining the organizational principles of financial enterprises and clearing institutions, and confirming clearing and compensation institutions business rules and relevant transaction conditions. In addition, the Financial Markets Authority is also responsible for formulating codes of conduct and practices for financial institutions and professionals.
Regulatory Responsibilities:
AMF is responsible for regulating French financial market participants and financial service products, ensuring that investors have access to effective information, and providing investors with arbitration services to help resolve economic disputes. Maintain the order of the financial market and protect the rights and interests of investors.
AMF is an independent listed body, and its operations rely on fees and taxes paid by regulators.
The AMF cooperates closely with other French regulators, especially the banking and insurance sector, and actively cooperates with European and international counterparts.

Licence application

Company application requirements:
1) A registered office in France and effective business operations;
2) Provide adequate initial capital and appropriate financial resources for the proposed activity;
3) Indicate the identity and status of direct and indirect shareholders, as well as the size of their shareholding;
4) The activity must be operated by 2 or more people whose knowledge and experience must meet the regulatory requirements and also meet the job requirements.
5) Governing body members must meet requirements such as knowledge and experience
6) Suitability of the legal form of the proposed activity;
8) Operational items for each proposed service, which are AMF-authorized portfolio management or investment advice

Regulatory complaints

When you are not satisfied with your investment, you can file a complaint in 3 steps:
Step 1 Contact the Forex Dealer directly
When you have a complaint, the best way is to contact the Forex platform directly to help resolve it.
(1) It is best to file a complaint by mail so that they can file the record so that your complaint can be better resolved.
(2) When the company receives the complaint, it will inform you in writing that it has received your complaint.
Step 2 If you are not satisfied with the processing result of the foreign exchange dealer, you can contact the French AMF Ombudsman Office to file a complaint
If you are not satisfied with the dealer's response, or you do not hear from them within 8 weeks (2 months), you can contact the French AMF Ombudsman Office to file a free complaint. The AMF Ombudsman's office generally takes 3 months to process complaints.
There are two ways to complain:
(1) Submit a complaint online to the AMF Ombudsman's Office.
Online complaint address:
Online Complaint Form Translation Reference Template (please click the image below to view the template):

(2) Write a complaint to the AMF Ombudsman's Office.
Mail delivery address:
Ombudsman Autorité des Marchés Financiers 17 place de la Bourse 75082 Paris cedex 02, France
Fax: 33 (0)1 5345 5960
Tel: 33 0 15345 6200 (Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00 French time)
Step 3 Complain to the court
If you are not satisfied with the responses from the Forex Dealer and the AMF Ombudsman's Office, you can file a complaint in court.

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Contact information

Address: 17, place de la Bourse - 75082 Paris Cedex 02
Tel: ( 33)1 5345 6200
Fax: 33 (0)1 5345 5960

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