Qatar Central Bank (QCB)

Qatar Central Bank was established in August 1993.


1. Guarantee the stability of the currency
2. To exercise the authority of the Authority to supervise all business, commercial, market and financial activities carried out in Qatar.
3. Establish a stable, open and competitive management sector to promote financial services, commerce, markets and financial activities in accordance with market rules.
4. To strengthen Qatar's credibility as a pioneering global center in providing financial services, conducting financial operations, and financial activities.
5. Guarantee the stability of Qatar's exchange rate and ensure that Qatar can be exchanged for other currencies.
6. Guarantee the stability of prices of goods and services
7. Guarantee the stability of financial and banking business

Regulatory Inquiries

List of registered banks:
Investment and Finance Company Directory:
List of Financial Companies:
List of registered exchanges:
List of registered investment funds:


The Bank's Customer Service Protection Department aims to protect the following rights of customers:
1. Conduct fair and open banking transactions
2. Consumers have the right to obtain financial services and products at reasonable prices
3. In case of disputes, consumers should first complain to the relevant financial institutions
4. If the complaint is not properly resolved, the consumer can file a complaint by filling out the electronic complaint form on this website (download address:, Remember to attach copies of all relevant documents. Accordingly, QCB will try to solve the problem within 7 working days.

Contact information

Address: P.O. Box No. 1234 Doha, Qatar
Phone: (974) 4445-6456
Fax: 44222450
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

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