Jordan Securities Commission (JSC)

The Jordan Securities Commission JSC was established in 1997 as a public body with financial and administrative autonomy

Organization Profile

Type of organization: government agency
Institutional introduction: The Jordan Securities Commission (JSC), established in 1997, is a public agency with financial and administrative autonomy dedicated to developing, regulating and supervising Jordan's capital markets in order to maintain a sound investment climate and protect investors. JSC develops Jordan's capital market in strict accordance with international standards, ensuring its fairness and safety, in order to attract domestic and foreign investors.
Since its inception, JSC has worked to develop and upgrade regulations on capital markets and their institutions to ensure better investor protection and further transparency. The JSC has issued regulations to oversee the activities of financial services firms, enforce disclosure regulations, and help investors make informed investment decisions. To ensure fairness, independence and proper administration of the rule of law, JSC will continue to enforce the Securities Act and its related regulations.
To maintain market integrity, JSC regulates, regulates and supervises the business operations of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE), Securities Depository Centre (SDC), financial services companies, publicly held companies, investment funds and registered financial professionals. In addition, JSC is committed to investor protection and market development, as well as disclosure of information regulations related to securities markets.
Institutional Functions: The committee aims to protect securities investors and develop regulations related to capital markets to increase market transparency and enforce disclosure regulations. In addition, the committee also focuses on the dissemination of investment culture and continues to follow up with licensed companies to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
Institutional Goals:
1. Promulgate relevant laws and regulations to regulate and develop the capital market, and assist in providing a good securities investment environment.
2. Provide all necessary information required by investors, including the performance and transaction process of the licensed company, as well as information on parties supervised by the Commission.
3. Provide financial services required by the capital market.
4. Promote the establishment and management of public funds to provide investment opportunities and effective investment management for small investors.
5. Implement the latest international standards in capital markets, including disclosure of information about entities, electronic transactions, electronic storage and price settlement, as well as accounts and audits of JSC-regulated parties.
6. Review the standards of professional conduct of JSC, ASE and SDC staff and their members.
7. Punish those who violate the Securities Law and related regulations.
8. Popularize investor and public awareness, mainly including issues related to national capital markets, entities, and securities investment.
9. Training JSC, ASE and SDC staff, as well as licensed company employees and registered legal persons, to improve their academic and professional standards.
10. Receive and investigate complaints from the public and investors, and take appropriate procedures to punish those who violate laws and regulations.
11. Strengthen the monitoring software for all parties regulated by the JSC, as well as the day-to-day supervision of ASE transactions.
Institutional Regulatory Scope:
1. Amman Stock Exchange (ASE)
2. Securities Depository Center (SDC)
3. Publicly held companies
4. Licensed financial companies
5. Public funds and investment companies

Regulatory Inquiries

Query method 1:
1. Go to the website:, select the category of financial services companies to view
2. Click on the company name to view company details
Query method 2:
1. Open the website of the Jordan Securities Commission:, find the translation option at the top right of the page, and select the translation language as English;

2. Find "Services" in the homepage directory and click "Licensed to deal in foreign exchanges";

3. After entering the "Licensed to deal in foreign exchanges" page, two lists will appear: "Existing companies licensed to deal in foreign exchanges" (existing foreign exchange trading licensees) ) and "New companies licensed to deal in foreign exchanges", click to view.

Example of punishment


1. Does JSC regulate foreign exchange?
Regulation of foreign exchange. According to the information on JSC's official website, the Jordan Securities Regulatory Commission ("JSC") issued an announcement on November 19, 2017, officially issuing foreign exchange licenses.
2. How does JSC protect investors?
By monitoring transactions, monitoring licensed companies and their financial solvency, developing, reviewing and enforcing market regulations.
3. What is an investor protection fund?
A fund with legal and financial autonomy designed to protect investors in licensed financial services companies by indemnifying them for damages caused by the insolvency or liquidation of financial services companies. The fund is managed and overseen by the JSC Board of Directors, which is chaired by the JSC Chairman.
4. What should I do if an investor falls into a scam or is treated unfairly and has evidence?
Complaints can be made to the Jordan Securities Commission by calling the complaint number 5607171.

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Contact information

Tel: 9626-5607171 (Closed at 8:00-15:00 on Friday and Saturday)
Email: [email protected]
Web page online consultation:
Office Address: Capital Market Building, Al- Mansour Bin Abi Amer Street Al-Madina Al-Riyadiya District, Al-Abdali Area Amman-the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

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