Oman Capital Market Authority (CMA)

The CMA was established by Royal Decree 80/98 on November 9, 1998


CMA's Vision and Mission
To build the Omani financial market into an engine of sustainable economic growth and wealth creation.
The vision of the CMA is: In building Oman's financial markets, it will provide Oman with diversified economic growth by: improving the investment, performance and productivity of issuers; providing efficient returns for savers, investors and financial market users; Increase market participation and inclusion. The goals of this vision are:
1. Facilitate the government to promote sustained and diversified economic growth and increase employment levels in the Sultanate
2. To promote the sustainable development of the domestic financial market, to ensure that the needs of investors and businesses in and outside the Sudan of Oman are met and their performance improved.
3. Protect investors and other participants by forming a fair, open and efficient market that ensures full and timely disclosure of material information
4. Maintain the stability of the financial system through appropriate, transparent and predictable regulation, licensing and monitoring of market participants
The goals of this mission are:
1. To promote and expand informed participation in capital and insurance markets and other financial markets that we may develop and regulate
2. Regulate and supervise the issuance and trading of securities and insurance, including full disclosure to the public of important information about securities, insurance and related transactions
3. Achieve fairness, efficiency and transparency in securities and insurance transactions
4. Implement measures to reduce systemic risk associated with securities and insurance
5. Develop and improve securities and insurance markets, including exchanges and exchanges on exchanges
6. Licensing and regulating the activities of entities under its control and supervision
7. Develop and improve organizations and entities that trade securities and provide insurance
8. Protect the public and investors from unfair and unsound practices
9. To monitor and investigate conduct that may constitute a breach of CMA’s rules and regulations, and to investigate matters related to the activities of financial markets and participants,
10. Enforce rules and regulations and sanction violations
11. Cooperate with other regulators and government agencies at home and abroad to develop and protect financial markets
Goals of CMA
Through the actions and measures we take, we promote a fair, high-quality, growing and sustainable market. Our goal is to have the following impact on financial markets:
1. Investors understand and trust the regulation and operation of financial markets, and have confidence in financial advisors,
2. The financial market is efficient, fair and clean.
3. Financial markets are resilient, attractive, growing, and provide a range of high-quality and beneficial products and services
4. Investors have access to the understandable information they need to make informed decisions
5. The costs and benefits of the regulatory regime are commensurate
7. Identify risks to CML and CMA objectives and implement appropriate countermeasures
8. Financial markets are growing faster than GDP
9. The financial market promotes the economic development of the Sultanate of Oman

Entities regulated by the CMA

CMA oversees the following:
1) Muscat Securities Market
2) Muscat Clearing and Depository Company
3) Listed securities companies
4) Mutual investment funds
5) Companies operating securities business and their agencies
6) Insurance companies, agents and brokers
7) Credit rating company


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Contact information

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