Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FI)

FI is the financial regulatory authority in Sweden.

Organization Profile

Institutional nature
The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority was established in 1991 as a result of the merger of the previous banking and insurance regulators to create an independent and comprehensive regulator covering banking, securities and insurance. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FI) is the financial regulatory authority in Sweden. The purpose of FI is to promote the stability of the financial system, improve efficiency, and effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers. They authorize, supervise and monitor all companies operating in the Swedish financial market.
FI supervises nearly 2,000 companies, including banks and other credit institutions, securities companies, fund management companies, stock exchanges, authorized markets and clearing institutions, etc.

Organization Structure
The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FI) is mainly composed of the Board of Directors, Internal Audit, Director General, Senior Advisors, Senior Management, Administration, Banking, Economic Analysis Department, Insurance, Human Resources, General Consulting, Customer Service, Consumer Protection Department and Marketing Department. The following mainly introduces the consumer protection department and the market department:
(1) The consumer protection department is mainly responsible for:
a. Regulate consumer and investor protection matters;
b. To analyze and identify sub-insurance areas for consumers;
c. Supervise fund management companies, fund securities, insurance intermediaries, payment service institutions, electronic money and other institutions, and supervise consumer-related behaviors in banking and insurance;
d. Possess the rights of delegation, ownership, appropriate management, evaluation and interference;
e. Consumer Case Disclosure;
f. To popularize financial knowledge to the general public;
g. Processing FI consumer protection related reports.
(2) The marketing department is mainly responsible for:
a. Regulate the securities market;
b. Legal issues related to financial infrastructure companies, trading and clearing in securities markets;
c. Monitoring of money laundering issues in FI-regulated companies.
Regulatory functions
(1) FI is an authoritative regulatory agency that monitors financial companies, and is committed to building a stable, credible and well-functioning financial system, and can well protect the rights and interests of consumers.
(2) FI monitors and analyzes financial market trends. FI evaluates each company, each part of the financial market and the overall financial situation, and tests whether the financial company's risk control system complies with laws, regulations and other regulations.
(3) The registration and operation of financial service companies need to be authorized by FI. It will also monitor compliance with the Swedish Internal Law and investigate violators and stock price manipulators.
(4) In addition, FI supervises whether financial companies display complete and clear information to customers, and part of our responsibilities also includes improving the status of consumers in the financial market through financial education.

Regulatory Inquiries

The first step: Log in to the FI official website: After entering the website, click "Company register" on the right to enter the next page.

Step 2: Then you can enter the name, identification code, region and other related information in the search box below to search. If you want to search all company information of a certain category, you can click the "Advanced search" button below.

Step 3: After clicking, the interface is as shown below, you can choose from the following 4 categories, "Main business" main business type, "Category" category, "Authorization" authorization, "Country" country, and You can manually enter the postal area in the "Postal area" box, and then click "Search". Select at least one of the above four items.

Step 4: If you need to check the fake dealer warning list, please click this link:

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Contact information

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
Tel: 46 8 408 980 00 (weekdays 8:30am - 5:00pm)
Fax: 46 8 24 13 35
Address: Finansinspectionen, Box 7821, SE-103 97 Stockholm, Sweden;
Brunnsgatan 3, downtown Stockholm (visited)

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