Egyptian Financial Authority (EFSA)

EFSA is a public body with legal status, established in 2009 by Decree No. 10.


EFSA is a public body with legal status, established in 2009 by Decree No. 10.
This agency oversees and regulates non-bank financial markets and instruments, including capital markets, foreign exchange, financial leasing, factoring, and securities transactions. The EFSA was established to regulate the market, ensure the stability and competitiveness of the market, in order to attract more local and foreign investment. EFSA is also authorized to manage risks and deal with problems arising from the application of different rules.


EFSA's goals:
1. Promote the stability and integrity of non-bank financial markets by regulating them
2. Protect the rights of investors and participants
3. Use various means, systems and rules to ensure the effective operation and transparency of the above-mentioned regulatory market
The main responsibilities of EFSA:
1. Authorization of non-bank financial activities
2. Regulate the dissemination of non-bank financial market information
3. Ensuring transparency and fair competition in non-bank financial services
4. Protect the rights of non-bank market investors
5. Limit market manipulation and fraud

Contact information

Complaint Department:
Contact: Dr.Maher Ahmed Salah Eldin
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 25758807
Headquarters contact information:
Tel: 35345350
Fax: 35370037
Email: [email protected]
Address: Smart village, building no. 136B, * Kilo 28 Egypt – Alexandria road Giza province

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