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Company Overview

SuperForex, licensed by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), is an international broker providing financial and investment services to individual and corporate customers. The company caters to over 100 markets with its services accessible in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

It works on the principles of honesty and transparency. Its highly experienced and qualified team is always working on the improvement and development of the services provided by the company. The aim of SuperForex is to make trading profitable and comfortable for its clients.

The company offers its customers an extensive collection of financial instruments and investment tools. They can take advantage of fixed spreads, fixed 5% interest on all trading volumes, initial deposit as low as $1, and numerous deposit methods.

Trading Platform

SuperForex provides its traders with the award-winning MetaTrader 4 platform. This platform is popular among millions of traders from all around the world. It is appropriate for operators with varying degrees of experience, from amateur traders to experienced ones.

The platform is designed to provide quick and efficient brokerage services to clients in FX, CFDs, and future markets. It is the most reliable and advanced trading technology service available in the market.

The platform is available to customers with Windows, Linux, and OS X as well as on Android and iOS smartphones. Customers who need to use the fully functional platform can use it on the SuperForex website.


SuperForex provides its clients with a range of financial services and investment products to assist them in trading successfully through multiple account types. It allows traders to trade with over 300 currency pairs and 34 CFDs. Moreover, SuperForex conveys the up-to-date financial news to its traders from the most reliable information sources, helping them monitor economic and analytical reviews and making it easier for them to make accurate trading decisions.

The company offers four bonus programs for its clients: dynamic bonus, 40% welcome bonus, 60% energy bonus and 120% hot bonus. Clients have the facility to not only trade with the bonus but also withdraw their bonus.

SuperForex has also introduced a Lucky Draw for its customers that provides them with a chance to win a tradable bonus of $1000. The Lucky Draw contest is for all the members of SuperForex and is open for an unlimited time.

Customer Support

To cater to the queries and technical issues of its clients, SuperForex provides them assistance 24/7. Its agents can be contacted via email, telephone call or a live chat feature available on the SuperForex website.

SuperForex website is also available in three different languages apart from English: Russian, Indonesian and Malaysian.


SuperForex is a highly popular broker due to no hidden costs and no commission charges that it imposes on its clients. Furthermore, the no initial deposit policy makes it easier for traders to open up either standard or no spread accounts. Their competitive spreads and fast and secure financial operations have attracted a lot of traders to it.

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  1. In search of additional income I decided to trade on Forex and I chose this broker because of their promo. I got 25$ bonus and I can trade without some money. I’ve already have some profit and tried to withdraw 5$ profit successfully. So it works. Good broker which is not cheating their customers.

  2. Good broker
    i made a total profit of 900$ from deposit of a $300
    Their support works good, they solve my issue in live chat, but two weeks ago there were some technical difficulties with mt4 client, now it works ok.

  3. I tested different brokers and finally chose this one. I liked their bonus programs, useful personal account and many different ways to withdraw or replenish money. Also good support who helped me to configure my account and to choose the best bonus for me.

  4. Good broker
    Trading with them for a long time. No problems committed. Trading without mobile app is a bit uncomfortable, but it’s not a big problem. I withdrew my money 4 or 5 times, as usual it takes up to 3 days.

  5. Good one
    I started from a deposit of 5$ in order to cgeck this broker. After successfull trading and ,oney withdraw i decided to continue trading. I didn’t try on their no deposit, cuz i was interested in their 60% energy bonus and now i can say that it works good.

  6. Good broker
    I started to trade with them 1 year ago. At first there were some technical difficulties and troubles, but they optimized their mt4 client and support, so now it’s comfortable to trade with them.

  7. Good broker
    I’ve got no deposit bonus several months ago. it took 4 days. I traded for a month to withdraw it, so finally i was able to withdraw money. I made a request and 2 days later i’ve got my money, so no probs

  8. Hello there
    I started to trade with this broker for a year ago from no deposit bonus. I decided to try this broker because of great bonuses. So i made a request and got my money in a week. For a month of trading i was able to withdraw money, but i decided to continue trading and make more profit. Finally, when i reached 300$ i decided to withdraw my money, and made a request, several days later i’ve got my money. I continue to trade with this broker and hope that they’ll make a mobile app

  9. Trading with them for a year. Decided to try with them and didn’t miss. They offer really good bonuses, that’s why i chose them. At first i was trading on no deposit bonus, but now i’m trading on my own, that i’ve made thx to ndb. Their withdrawal system works good, no poblems commited, i’ve got a total income of 200$ and totaly satisfied with this broker

  10. I started to trade with them half a year ago
    Normal broker, they gave me no deposit bonus and i started to trade. They canceled some my deals. I made a request to their support, but they didn’t give my profit back because i violated their rules. But they gave me my deposit, so i continued to trade. Finally i’ve got my profit and money. I tried on other brokers before, and didn’t even get my deposit back. But i still don’t know if there is any sense to continue trading with them or to find something better

  11. Normal broker
    I started to trade with them 2 years ago. I made a total profit of a $500. At first there was some troubles with them, they canceled several my deals, but i solved this problems thanks to their support. i made several withdrawals and all of them were succesfull, unlike their mt 4 it works good. So it’s normal broker, recomended

  12. I ‘m interested in SuperForex because of bonuses offered quite surprised me. I couldn’t believe the promotion was given. I think Even the requirement given is also very easy and detail, such as a list of live accounts, the contents of the account and filed a bonus. So I’m sure the trader can instantly get the bonus. despite the offer attracted me, I still want to think of joining. So that I am more convinced joined SuperForex

  13. I tried a lot of brokers
    This one isn’t exceptions. they provide good support and bonuses. I really enjoyed to trade with their 120% hot bonus. Support and withdrawal system works good. There weren’t any delay for a period of 3 months. Sometimes terminal was laggy, but at all it worked good

  14. Standard broker
    I traded with them for a month. I made a deposit in order to check how they work. Mostly their mt platform and withdrawal system. My money was credited immediately, but when i tried to make a withdrawal – there was 2 days delay.
    As for mt client – it wasn’t good enough – sometimes there were lags. Totally i can rate this broker as standart with it’s own features and standart bugs.

  15. One of the best
    I started from no deposit bonus, after i made a withdrawal and added a bit money in order to activate 120% bonus. I made a deposit and got more than twice more money on my acc. Now i’m trading on it and don’t have any troubles.
    Their payment systems works good, as usual i withdraw my money by Skrill and never had any troubles.
    Strikly recommended

  16. Yeap
    i agree with Shadow
    it’s really good broker. I started from no deposit bonus too, after i withdraw my money i made a deposit with a 60% energy bonus. Now i’m trading with them and don’t see any problem

  17. i just started to trade with them.
    My first impressions are very different. From the one side they offer good bonuses, it’s easy to get them and to contact with support. From the other side it’s quite hard to trade with them, they have a laggy mt4, sometimes it’s really difficult to find info on their web-site, trading with them isn’t flexible, cuz they don’t have mobile app.

  18. That man is right
    It’s a good broker, i’m trading with them too. Also i can tell that their no deposit bonus works great. I’ve got, than withdraw and finally made a deposit with that money with 60% energy bonus. So i increased my profit a bit, but last days EUR/USD chart is a really bullshit.
    Good luck evryone with this broker and have a nice deals)

  19. finally i can make a review about this broker.
    Somebody talks that it’s terrible, other says it’s one of the best, i will say – the are both right.
    It’s one of the best brokers for newbies, because they offer a lot of bonuses and no deposit bonus.
    But the same time it’s not flexible to trade with them.
    No mobile app, no mt4, mt4 is laggy, support on weekends works very slow/
    It’s all about SuperForex.
    But i can’t say that they are scam. I made a deposit and i’ve got my profit so it works.

  20. Their 25$ bonus is great. They gave me it in spite of others and I can trade good. Soon I’ll be able to withdraw the profit.

  21. Superforex is the honest and the best broker . Actually I traded with many other brokers before. But nobody cann`t do business like Superforex does. I have two accounts with Superforex, and I have no problems about trading conditions and withdrawal. Everything is fast.

  22. For me, SuperForex is a good broker. It service till is also good. I am from Malaysia, and every time I got about ask something about forex, and their support always help me. The opening position and closing position is fast. So, thank you SuperForex for good service.

  23. I trade with this broker 9 months because of their low spreads, fast execution and other good trading conditions. I have not tried any other one before to compare or judge Superforex well, but I would like to tell that they deserve my respect, I have had a technical issue because of my mistakes and I had lost some money, but after a speed answer of customer support I got an immediate refund all amount, I really felt that I am dealing with this company that take care only for its customers.

  24. SuperForex is an excellent broker and the account manager always sweet talk that you can make easy money through forex and this is true. Also, they don`t like to delay your withdrawal request and persuade you to continue trading. This company definitely is a very good and my sincere advice is to open accaunt and start trading ))

  25. I just want to say that, in my opinion, superforex is among the best brokers in the forex market in the world, especially for traders who are still a beginner. Superforex has high-quality training programs. I got forex training when I joined them when I did not have any knowledge about Forex and trading until I finally became reliable and had considerable experience in Forex trading. Superforex is the best choice for me and for all traders, I think.

  26. I traded with different brokers. Some of them made me lose money. Others did not pay attention to me and the help I needed to find for profitable operations, so I lost a lot of my money. In the end, I took off the rest of the money and left them. For several weeks, I did not trade, because I could not find a reliable broker. Subsequently, although I doubted, I decided to trade with SuperForex and opened an account with the minimum amount to try this broker and see if it differs from others. It’s been 1 month already, and I’m happy. They helped me to make a good profit thanks to high-quality training for trading and friendly managers.

  27. I trade with superforex, and I’m really satisfied with this company. I checked other forex companies, but I did not find good service and information from other brokers. Superforex offers a 60% bonus for every deposit , and they have good experience in accounting. I really like their service, and I really trust them!

  28. I traded with them for a few of months and I found that they were a good broker for newbies and other traders. This is because they offer a good system and services. Their system don`t linger during the movement and place the order time. Because of this nice system and the services of this broker, I earned a lot of money. I think that you should to invest more with this broker.

  29. Working with this broker is a real pleasure, it’s just as good as each of the market leaders. They work only 3 years, and they have many things to develop, but the beginning is not bad. The conditions are all right, the spread is fixed, there is a large set of currency pairs, metals and CFDs. The terminal works fine, by the way, this is a great rarity these days. Make withdrawals easy and it works constantly, according to the rules I get my money in 3 days, but money often comes faster

  30. Superforex is a good broker because they have the best conditions. I have been trading for 6 months. Most brokers are terrible, others are honest, but their trading conditions are too high. All trading conditions are transparent and fair, also some of the lowest spreads without a commission. Slippage sometimes occurs during the news, but on the whole is much rarer than other brokers. The spread also returns very quickly after the press release, usually within a few seconds, when all the brokers hold it for a few minutes.

  31. I use the services of a broker for 1 year. I started with a demo account, now I chose use their 60% bonus. The conditions are satisfied. The quality of execution of transactions is good. You can use analytical reviews for selection tactics and bidding strategies. I consider this company one of the best in the Forex market.

  32. First of all I want to note that broker is licensed by the IFSC. Also, the broker has a good bonus program. The company is trying to develop and improve the quality level of the services offered to its customers. During the time I worked with this broker, I had no problems.

  33. To assess the broker, you need to try it yourself whether it suits you. According to my personal parameters, this is one of the best broker. Success and prosperity to the company!

  34. Superforex i thought it to be a good broker, but alas! I was wrong. They withdrew all my money plus the hot 120 bonus i got from them upon registration, claiming that i have many negative trades on my statement. I registered with $500+$600 hot bonus added to my account. Now they withdrew all the money at a closing equity of $1,300.75 after a month trading with them, while i was testing some of my strategies.They are scam brokers. Investors beware!!!

  35. I just started with this company recently. My experience is really great so far. They have the best customer service ever. The support team answer my questions immediately and guide me through the whole process as I am a newbie in trading. It was really pleasurable to talk to them. Plus the money operation is fast. I deposit and receive money within only a few hours.

  36. I started trading on superforex using no deposit bonus to see the track record of this broker. After I take the bonus and I start to trade it turns out for execution of this broker is quite good and when there is a news for spread not too large

  37. I have one year trading with superforex. there is no problem at all for both withdrawal and execution. I stay in this broker because it has many features offered, so I have a chance to get more profit.

  38. Convenience provided by the broker became the main thing, that’s what I feel from brokers SuperForex. Implementation of trade is very fast, opening or closing the position of the entry has never happened requot. just like their deposit and withdrawal systems. I do not have to wait longer than what they promised. Sometimes, funds are transferred faster actually. I am pretty sure that I will stay with SuperForex very long if such a service continues.

  39. At first I hesitated to want to trade at this broker. For that, I tried it by using the no deposit bonus first. After I try, it turns out this broker is very good too. The execution is fast and no requote is perfect for me who likes to do scalping.
    And I’ve had problems with withdrawal. After I contact customer service, they was very easy to contact and very friendly so my problem was quickly resolved. Therefore I am still trading here

  40. SuperForex is good. They have several trading instruments I could have never asked for anything more. If you follow their Facebook you’ll get updates on technical analysis everyday and I find those information is really helpful for my trading decisions.

  41. Many friends recommended SuperForex to me and I decided to give it a try. They offer distance education that is very useful for both beginner and professional traders, and no less important is the bonus because that is a plus for people like me who really like to take risks in trading. The marvelous trading platforms of all orders were done perfectly so I could earn $ 2700 in profits from that bonus and can make withdrawals without any problems and quickly. Their customer service is very useful, always fast and courteous. I keep trading with this broker.

  42. The varieties of bonus and competitive programs and services to support the beginner that make me love this broker. Their website provides enough information too. I have a nice opinion about SuperForex. I have never encountered any problem related to this. Most of all I like a wide range of bonuses, useful for increasing deposits, and Their customer service is very useful, always fast and courteous. You should try this broker as soon as possible.

  43. I love SuperForex. They have a seamless finance operation. Deposit or withdrawal are secured, safe and fast. No hidden cost, no commission. I’m very satisfied with this. And what more? They fantastic trading instruments, several other tools to aid my trading. Another plus point is to have

  44. I love SuperForex. They have a seamless finance operation. Deposit or withdrawal are secured, safe and fast. No hidden cost, no commission. I’m very satisfied with this. And what more? They fantastic trading instruments, several other tools to aid my trading. Another plus point is to have many partnership programs for me to choose from. I can earn extra money from this. Their partnership department has been a very great help to me. They are kind and very responsive.

  45. At the first time,I doubt to trade at this broker. But my friends recomended me to try this broker. So i thought, why I didnt try it first by using the no deposit bonus. After i already tried this program “no deposit bonus”. The execution is fast, and i thought it was perfect for me who likes to do scalping.
    And I had problems with withdrawal. But they had a responsive customer service. they was very easy to be contacted and very friendly so my problem was quickly resolved. So i recomend to you all this broker.

  46. I think that this is an excellent broker where all traders can invest in the foreign exchange market. I don’t have a bad opinion about SuperForex. About their website is clearly managed well and the design is pretty well too. the sections of the website is really good. I read the analysis and forecasts section every day, and all that they published helps me learn a lot about taking my trading order. They had a responsive customer service too. So, i keep using this broker.

  47. I love this company so far. I started with the Micro Cent account. It’s great because I have little capital to begin with. Now I already am making money by using Forex Copy. It’s a very easy no brainer solution. I just follow the strategies of successful trader. Now I’m learning more about forex with their long distance course to make better and more profitable trades in the future.

  48. Being a newcomer it was a difficult to begin trading an also choosing the best broker. I just liked SuperForex’s web site, because the sections and the design are pretty good. and I decided to open my first account. I got a good support, interesting analytics and reviews and good information to learn how to trade like “how become a beginer trader”. In a month trading I got my first profit. Until now I like this broker and I think I was lucky with choosing this broker SuperForex

  49. I was referred to SuperForex by a friend of me and they have always proved trustworthy. I never have had a problem withdrawing or funding with this broker. I have compared their quotes with other brokers, and SuperForex is close to the real movement of the market.So far my experience with SuperForexhas has been a great one. They have low spreads and relatively with large leverage. Platform is excellent too, it is user-friendly and offers a flexible position size. No problem with withdrawal at all. So I decide I will stay with SuperForex

  50. Superforex is a good broker. I trade in superforex about 5 months or more, there are no complaints, especially since the broker is improving, it’s updated and that’s good. As the cooperation began, well done it is nice. Most pleased with the speed of the withdrawal of money, all is very quickly. I am impressed by the high level of customer support, bonuses, trading conditions and much more. so far, i statisfied with this broker

  51. SuperForex gives information that is very useful for both beginner and professional traders. The bonus offered also makes SuperForex a marvelous trading platforms where all orders were done perfectly. I earned $ 100 in profits from that bonus and could make withdrawals without any problems and quickly. The customer service is very useful, always fast and courteous. I will stay with SuperForex very long

  52. they have one of the no deposit bonus ever, they give you $20 wilt a low leverage 200 and expect to trade 10 lots for every $1 profit. whilst the minimum withdrawal is $5 and max is $25, surely to trade (25*10) lots 250 lots you should be have made almost thousands in profits and only to take $25 max. The deal is to make them huge profits and take like 1% home. On top of this ridiculous terms you have to DEPOSIT equal amount of profits to withdraw so not worth it.
    Also their regulation is kind of lose(IFSC) sorry IFSC i would rather go for FCA, CYSEC, and Australian regulators are reliable.

    Recommendation brokers will be plus500, , IQ options

  53. After several loses to different stox broker, I decided to investigate the process and why I kept losing. This led me into recovering my funds invested with 3 brokers and now it feels great to share this with people today. I hired a Pro charge-back dude who helped me get my loss back. I am willing to share details of my experience with you.

  54. The big part of my salary I have invested into SuperForex because I wanted to have online business. And now I have the stable profit.

  55. Have a good relations with this broker. Like how it works. SuperForex has good bonuses. When I became a trader I used the Welcome Bonus- good conditions!

  56. I’m not a very experienced trader yet, but with the SuperForex i feel myself conversely. Like their bonuses line. all of the bonuses have a good conditions, SuperForex offers everything that modern trader needs.

  57. I have met this one six months ago on the Internet. I like their web-site because all the information is very understandable and it’s easy to find as opposed to another brokers.


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