The Best Trendline Methods: Worth My Money and Time


The Best Trendline Methods: Worth My Money and Time

Author: Patrick Mikula
Publisher: Mikula Forecasting Co (July 2002)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0965051838
Average Rating: 4.0 star

This book is a proof of great efforts spent by Alan Andrews, who dedicated the ten years of his life studying the Trendline, in which all the knowledge he earned were all featured here. With an expert level of dedicating his time and effort, Andrews was able to come up with his own methods and strategies on how to play with the ever changing trends and end the day on a winning nest. The book gives an easy to follow presentations and techniques, which makes it more helpful to any reader. Many of the readers gave their compliments to the book because of helping them gain a better understanding of how the trading market operates and how they should be able to ride with it. The rules indicated in the book can give all traders amazing ideas on how to prepare ahead to secure the stocks and decide when would be the right time to buy and sell, where, and what and how. The advanced methodologies featured in this book are no longer for beginners, but already for experienced traders who would like to level up more in their trading experience. The information you will get is more than the price you will pay.


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