The Complete Guide to Currency Trading And Investing


Author: Jamaine Burrell
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company (FL
Date: 2007
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1601384423
Average Rating: 2./5 Average Rating

I was hoping this book was going to keep me hooked from the first to the last page. It didn’t.  Even the many reference materials and examples didn’t make sense to me at all because of one reason: they are pretty basic and obvious. I think The Complete Guide to Currency Trading And Investing is a great reference material if you want to remind yourself a few things you might have forgotten about trade. I am not a beginner, and I cannot forget the basics of trading. Honestly, how can you be a great trader if you forget the basics? So, for me, this book isn’t a “must-read” at all.

That I found this book boring doesn’t mean I have nothing positive to say about the book. The book is well written. I did not find any fluff or gap in between content. The author has done great working explaining the content of the book – I am sure the editor must have enjoyed reading the author’s work.

This book is great because it’s for people new to currency trading and investment. If you’ve always wanted to venture into currency and investment trading, you will definitely find The Complete Guide to Currency Trading And Investing very helpful.


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