The Logical Trader: A Highly Recommended Book



Author: Mark B. Fisher
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons; 1 edition (July 2002)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0471215511
Average Rating: 3.5 star

Out of many trading books that promise to help serious traders, this one is exceptional. It highlights the Fisher’s way of trading, which is vital for anyone who would like to uncover the secrets of productive reading. This is a book that demands your time and effort of serious reading so that transfer of learning can happen. With Fisher’s combined expertise in trading and teaching, this book summarizes them all. The ACD system that is featured in this book is designed for traders in the stock market and other forms of commodities. Different techniques were given, with chart samples to help every reader get a deeper understanding on how productive trading should go on. A thorough explanation was provided in order to guide, to lead, to inspire and to provide good results in the trading business. This system is very flexible that it can address the confusions of a beginner up to an advanced trader. The complexities of the trading methods were all simplified here that is why many are indeed, grateful for using the book. The stories being featured in the book are very inspiring and reflect real person trading stories. The book might demand your time to finish it all, but surely you will get a reward of learning the best and effective techniques in trading.


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