The Silk Road to Riches


Money is a great resource. In fact, it is the only answer to all real questions and needs. I will not tell you what this book is. If I do that, what will be the point of reading it?  Instead, I thought I should say a couple of things I learned along the way as I was reading this.

I have learned that there will always be strategies. Some ideas will be great while others will disappoint you. Some ideas will work while others won’t.  Some ideas are plain vague, and you shouldn’t shouldn’t depend on them if you wish to become a productive and successful trader.  Some strategies are great; you can use them to become the most successful trader of your time. The Silk Road to Riches is all about ideas. Apparently, I am reading the book for the second time, and I just love the way the author wrote this book.

The author talks about the best investment destination; he says that India, not China, is the best destination for investment. There is a lot more to learn, and I hope that my second reading will open my understanding so that I now even more.


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