Trading from Your Gut


Author: Curtis M. Faith
FT Press
Publish date:
Average Rating:
3.5/5 Average Rating

Trading from Your Gut, authored by Curtis Faith, is a must read. If you love reading trading books, and you would like to grow and strengthen your instincts, I would recommend that you read this book. I would like to caution you, though, that before you buy this book, please keep  in mind that the book is not a beginner’s guide to trading. This is not a “how to” type of book. If you are looking for a book that will introduce you to stock trading or a book that teaches about the best trading styles, Trading from Your Gut isn’t the right book. In other words, those who hope they can depend on this book to become better at stock trading should try look for something different online.

This book is about what the title says – using your brains to become good at trading. Of course, stock trading isn’t often an all rosy agenda, and unless you use analytical and intuitive abilities, I doubt you are going to become a better in stock trading. What Curtis is actually trying to do is to help you be visionary. He helps traders organize their intellect in a way only the human mind can actually understand.


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