Xtrade Bonus


1.Xtrade deposit bonus

Dates:Bonus exists 30 days after the date of deposit
Available to:Every registered member who has deposited at Xtrade
Bonus mount:Range from $50 to $6000
How to get:Make a deposit at Xtrade and your account will import your deposited amount.  You will get the most suitable XPoint trade points as per your deposit amount. This bonus will end 30 days after the date of deposit. Every IP address receive this deposit bonus.
Additional information: Once you have become a registered member of Xtrade, you can make a deposit from $100. You will get the bonus from $50 to $6000 for your deposits from $100 to $9,999. You can also deposit more than $9,999 and get the bonus more than $6,000.
Link: https://www.xtrade.cn/promotions/ftd/


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