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Company overview

Questrade is one of those companies that have been clear about their goal of becoming the leading trading company. It has been working to ensuring that it becomes the top choice for investors and traders. Considering that it is new in the field and operates independently, it is able to focus on expanding its company and brand via innovative techniques. With the introduction of new features and exhibiting flexibility in its approach, it has made it certain that it adapts to the changing trends of time and emerges as a success.

Trading platform

The company allotted the year of 2013 in bringing about extensive improvements in the trading platform it offers to its clients. The flagship trading platform that it offers is the Questrade IQ platform. This platform provides the clients with a trader-friendly interface. Charting and other complex trading options are also offered. Some advanced platforms that it offers, including the likes of IQ web and IQ edge, need some data package so that the platform features can be utilized to the utmost and maximum benefit can be extracted. The data packages do not come free of cost, so this is something that one would have to keep in mind.

It also has a mobile version, IQ mobile, which works well on iOS as well as on Android.

The company offers you the option of registered as well as non-registered account types. The non-registered one is the margin account, which clients can use to trade options and short stocks.

The registered accounts include the tax-free saving account, the registered retirement saving plan, and the registered education saving plan. There is no margin or shorting of stocks associated with a registered account. Trading options with this account type are rather limited and include the buying and selling of options along with writing covered calls.


  • Flexible approach
  • Trader friendly trading platform
  • Extensive tools
  • Advanced features
  • Registered and non-registered account types
  • Impressive customer support
  • User-friendly website

Customer support

It is known to be available for assistance for its clients at all times. You can count on its experience and knowledge of the market to guide you in the right direction. You will find it to be responsive. It can be reached out to via email or telephone at any time of the day, 6 days a week.


All in all, this Canadian online broker does extend some impressive features. It strives to ensure that its clients do not regret signing up with it. If you opt for this company to conduct your trades, you can be confident that you will not be abandoned midway. It will guide you in the right direction at all times. Making use of the advanced features that it offers, you can flourish in the field of trading and make it certain that no problems occur along the way. This company would not give you an opportunity to regret your decision and ensure that you get every bit of assistance that you require.

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Questrade Review

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