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Company Overview

MB Trading is an award-winning professional brokerage which deals in different sorts of trading techniques. It is a USA-based forex broker established in 1999 and is regulated by the NFA. It is an ECN (Electronic Communication Network) broker that provides trading in commodities, forex, stocks and futures on several platforms for personal investment and trading options. It has been ranked in the top 3 online brokers by Barron's 7 times from 2006 to 2011. Its focus is on product and cost, and its aim is to keep costs as low as possible and its support high.

Trading Platform

MB Trading provides multiple distinct platforms for trading activities. These platforms include MetaTrader 4, MBT Desktop, its more enhanced Pro version, MBT Web, and others. MBT Desktop is MB Trading's native platform. It runs on Windows. MBT Desktop Pro, an upgraded version of MBT Desktop, is also obtainable on Windows. It includes finer charting instruments and a scanner for locating arrangements that meet your needs. Also, there is a web-based platform called MBT Web. MetaTrader 4 is a very convenient and easy-to-use platform if you are already familiar with the trading software.

MB Trading provides various account types to its clients like Forex (Free EXN Plan) in which minimum account size is $400, scalping is allowed, and spread is fixed. Spread on EUR/USD price interest point is 0.9. It simply imposes a markup in the spread as compensation, so you don't have to pay routing fees, making it convenient for those clients who deal with the market order. Trading instrument is forex, whereas the preferable trading platform is MetaTrader 4.

Forex (Pay for Limits) also has almost similar features, but the trading platform can be both MetaTrader 4 and MBT Desktop Pro, and it is inclined to getting somewhat tighter spreads.

Stocks, futures, and options account has a minimum account size of $2000 and trading instruments are stocks, futures, and options. Trading platforms are MetaTrader 4 and MBT Desktop Pro, whereas commission for options and futures is $0.95.

MB Trading has some fixed spreads in the forex market as well as a very low commission. Its spread starts from less than 1 price interest point (pip) and hardly crosses over 2.5 pip. The commissions are convenient too; every 100,000 base items can be invested just for 2.95 USD.


  • Scalping allowed
  • Accepts US investors
  • Compacted spreads
  • Supports Pay for Limit
  • Commission is very cheap

Customer Service

MB Trading's support system is available in three languages: Chinese, English and Spanish. Its support method includes email, live chat on its website, Skype calls, and phone calls. It has an abundance of customer service agents.


MB Trading is a famous forex broker as it is sincere, just, and lawful. If the client is a high-volume forex investor, then MB Trading is the right option. The most attractive part of trading with this broker is that the spreads are very tight. It still needs some room for improvement for its educational means and tools.

Office website: https://mbtrading.com/

MB Trading Review

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