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Company Overview

Synergy FX is a forex broker that has won the Best Forex Broker Australia award in the year 2015 for its superior performance and great execution. As a result of its achievements, Synergy FX has made it to the list of the top service providers in the online brokerage industry.

The business is based in Sydney, Australia and is looked after by a management team that is equipped with years of experience in the financial market. The management, hence, ensures that the clients of Synergy FX are provided with the best possible services.

Trading Platform

Social Web Trader

Under the services provided by Synergy FX, clients get a chance to access the global market. These clients are free to view, copy, and follow other traders for the sake of making an investment while earning a profit.

The online environment provided by Synergy FX makes the trade simple, fun, and easy to do. In order to ensure that the trade execution does not get delayed, the system of the business is synced with the MT4 trading platform. Without any download requirement, the system ensures that the clients can use their accounts from anywhere in the world.

The Synergy FX Social Web Trader is made available to its clients on Mac, Windows, and smartphones.


The MAM/PAMM is for the multi-account managers who wish to manage the funds of investors while being compensated for their job. Under this particular service, the trader is allowed to place a trade on the MT4 master account which later, via the MAM software, gets allocated to the customer's accounts. The profits and losses are distributed among the investors as per their amount of investment made.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • MT4 trading platform ensures that no delays are made during the trade
  • No software download required
  • The system can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Allows expert advisor (EA) trading
  • Fast and reliable integration as a result of the centralized processing
  • Provides unlimited number of investor accounts

Customer Service

In order to lodge a complaint or share a concern, the business provides its clients three basic mediums: phone, email, and chat. The customers can call the customer service representative in the case of any inconvenience, and its number is available on the company's website. Moreover, clients can email the company for an issue that is not too urgent. The business also provides the option of live chat for clients who feel the medium to be more convenient and helpful.


Synergy FX, as its name suggests, provides forex brokerage services to its clients. The business allows clients to earn either from investing their funds or through managing the funds of other investors. Being the best in forex brokerage services, Synergy FX serves its clients via its two popular trading mediums i.e. the Social Web Trader and the MAM/PAMM.

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Synergy FX Review

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