21st Century Point and Figure

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Here is what 21st Century Point and Figure will teach you:

  • You will learn how to utilize moving midpoints, Bollinger groups, Donchian channels and illustrative stop and turn around with Point and Figure diagrams.
  • You will learn how time-based markers, for example, overbought/oversold, RSI, directional development and MACD can be utilized with Point and Figure diagrams.
  • You will learn how segment volume can be utilized to survey a segment's quality and how volume at box level can be utilized to evaluate backing and resistance regions.

Further, the author teaches how conventional amassing circulation lines, for example, on-equalization volume and volume-value pattern, can be utilized to upgrade the perusing of the graph. Also, you will learn how the examination of relative quality and spreads can be upgraded utilizing these new strategies.

The truth is that Point and Figure outlining is engaging in light of the fact that it dispenses with business sector clamor and attracts your regard for the pattern. This is the reason P&F diagrams have been utilized subsequent to the nineteenth century. This book discloses a straightforward way to deal with executing this procedure. There are likewise different techniques clarified and each merchant ought to have the capacity to discover approaches to benefits in this book.


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