A Treasury of Wall Street Wisdom

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There is a lot that waits for you between the fronts of this unparalleled 406 page aggregation of the refined and separated nectar from a portion of the quickest personalities ever to hit Wall Street. Harry D. Schultz and Samson Coslow sought not just their immeasurable gathering of statistical surveying and concentrate, they also got a lot of information from driving libraries and private book accumulations, microfilm accumulations and even the recollections and memorabilia appreciated by surviving relatives of withdrew Greats.

The sum total of this has been decreased to a pointed, sensible quintessence - the most imperative perceptions and considerations which these for all intents and purposes incomparable money related personalities have given as a legacy to family. Financial specialist, broker, periodic business sector "player," or understudy of the best monetary structure of all mankind's history is all in here. You really can't bear to deny yourself this phenomenal storage facility of expert business sector learning.

While I might have spent time going through what the author thinks about his work, I must confess that this is the best book I have ever read.  I hope you will enjoy reading A Treasury of Wall Street Wisdom.

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