Fooled by Randomness

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This is yet another classic by NassimTaleb and it goes for only $10.77 at Amazon. Therefore, price should not be an issue when considering this incredible text.Nassim is at it again eliciting very strong reactions to his ideas. The author delves into a topic intrinsic to most of our lives: randomness. However, you should not be fooled by randomness.

He addresses very critical issues which even the experts may not be completely familiar with. For example, the author avers that by the mere fact that two events are correlated, it does not necessarily mean that one causes the other. This is because life, by its very nature, is random.Nevertheless, it does have a few setbacks – which book doesn’t? Some readers may find the author a bit snobbish by constantly bragging about his experiences.

All in all, the author strives to address the difficult that human beings face when dealing with probability. Probability is a very critical issue in the world of financial trading. Those who predict well may end up gaining millions in a single day.Taleb further warns readers about success based on luck. The book is essentially worth reading, even for information for the sake of acquiring information.

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