Forex for Beginners

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Author: Anna Coulling
Anna Coulling
Publish date:
October 29, 2013
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4.4/5 Average Rating

Too many new traders often get confused about the best trading books to read.  The truth is many books have been written by traders from all walks of life. Some books are solid and packed with credible and useful information whilst others are a complete waste of time and money. As someone who has read the best and worst books on trading, I can tell you from experience that attractive titles aren’t hat define good books; books can only be judged as best or dangerous studying materials by their content. Apparently, Forex for Beginners is a great book. I read it, re-read it again and again, and I found it quite solid and interesting for beginners who want to trade Forex, either as a full time career or as a part time job.

I know there are many trading books, but Forex for Beginners is a solid book at its best. In my opinion, the author makes it easy for people to understand the fundamental aspects of Forex Trading. The author also tries to analyze market risks in this book. She examines the risk in this trade and further delves into analyzing the obvious financial risk new Forex Traders often face, and she teaches you how to handle challenges and overcome risks.

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