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Author: Alpha Balde
Publish date:
July 31, 2012
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After buying and reading Alpha Balde book Forex Made Simple, it became clear to me that anyone can make real money trading. As an individual whose main target in life is to become a successful Forex Trader, I find this book quite compelling, motivational and easy to read. The material is great for starters, so the book might not be the best for you if you hope to find new trading strategies that can help you make more money as a Forex trader. Forex Made Simple has made me realize that anyone can make money – real money. Although getting started is often a challenge for many starters, Alpha’s work can help you get started with ease, regardless of your trading experience.

Forex Made Simple teaches you how to make up to $200 a day. This isn’t a bad amount for a starter, or anyone for that matter. On one hand, you might want to consider trading as a full time job because of its immense rewards. One the other hand, though, it is still possible to trade on a part time basis if you truly love your current job.

The simplicity of this book is quite astonishing. I am happy I read it; and if you are willing to accept it, it is possible to make more than $200 per day from day trading.

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