Harmonic Trading, Volume Two

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I am a lover of books. I think God gave me a talent to read what is constructive. However, I usually do not spend time reading anything; I read books that add value to my life. Now, I bought the book Harmonic Trading, Volume Two because I wanted to learn something new about trading, and I have a few things to say about this book.

The book is simple to read. I love the simplicity that the author puts in the book. However, some parts of this book are going to be difficult to understand, and you are more likely going to be frustrated than happy you bought the book. The best thing you  can do as a reader is to take your reading slow. I like to think that I am not in a competition with  myself when I am reading, so I usually take my time because I want to be sure that I have gotten the point the author is trying to put across.

The book is non-bias. The author writes form experience and he understands his subject quite well. The language is clear; the editorial team did a very great job before publishing this book. I will recommend this book to a serious reader.

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