How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange

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Author: Courtney Smith
Wiley Trading
Publish date:
January 1, 2010
Average Rating:
3.3/5 Average Rating

I has never crossed my mind that I can actually make a living trading Forex, until I read this book. As I read this book, I realized that anyone who’s serious about Forex Trading business can actually become financially successful and stable within quite a short time. The author, Courtney Smith, introduces novice with interest in trading to the basics of Forex market, and he guides you in a systematic way to make you understand how the Forex market works. Although this book can be read by anyone, I would say that it is a perfect masterpiece for those who aren’t sure whether they can become good in Forex Trading.

Apart from introducing potential traders to the basics of Forex trading and the Forex market, Smith delves into solid moneymaking mechanisms that can help you make good money trading Forex. One of the best techniques the author talks about is the Rejection Rule. He claims that this strategy can help double profits; although I am not sure about this critical strategy just yet, I will be trying it out to see whether it works for me. I am glad, though, that the content of this book can help anyone build a solid foundation in Forex Trading.

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