Making Money in Forex

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Author: Ryan O'Keefe
Wiley Trading
Publish date:
March 4, 2010
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4/10 Average Rating

The ability to trade like a pro and still keep my day job has actually never crossed my mind. In one hand, it sounds quite odd for me to overwork myself. On the other hand, though, it makes sense to have a side job that I can do when I’m free. As a person interested in trading, I was thinking about quitting my job and concentrating on trading, until I came across Making Money in Forex. This book taught me that trading like a pro is possible, and that I never have to quit my day job to make money trading.

After reading this book, you will gain insights on how to structure trading in a manner that doesn’t stress you out The author takes you through some of the most  common techniques used in trade management, and show you how each technique can have an impact on the overall performance of your trading activities. In addition, this book will help you learn how you can manage and reduce risk and maximize your profits.

In summary, every lesson learned from this book has one major objective: to help you start and continue trading, no matter how demanding your day job is.

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