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The mention of wizards may make the hair on your head stand on its end. However, this is Jack D. Schwager’s way of putting his ideas across. The book is an assortment of interview with some of the world’s most successful traders. Any would-be investor would find this book indispensable as it contains information from the horse’s mouth-as it were. Top traders reveal their secret strategies as they are interviewed by the author.

While reading this book, you may have to stop and ponder about the strategies you have been employing as an investor. For novices, it will make you think deeper as to how to make it big on the stock market. Even the lay-abouts are likely to find it useful as a form of passing time and enlightening themselves on critical issues.

This book should a great companion to all people who wish to venture into the stock market. The fact that it brings together the views of top traders should inspire you into taking it seriously. Remember that the author himself is an expert in commodity trading. He is; therefore, in a position to identify what works and what doesn’t.grab your copy at Amazon at only $15.14.


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