Markets in Profile

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Author: Eric T. Jones, James F. Dalton, and Robert B. Dalton
Wiley Trading
Publish date:
January 1, 2007
Average Rating:
4/5 Average Rating

Markets in Profile is a book you want to read if you want to learn and understand how different markets work. Coined as an intellectual book by many who’ve read it before, the narrative sheds clear light on the most important market issues, including behavioral finance, common academic theories and economics. What’s more, the authors have used visual aid to provide a clear understanding of the written content. Eric T. Jones, Robert B. Dalton and James F. Dalton dig deep into real trading, and they describe the market profile in a way other books you have read never can. As soon as you finish reading Markets in Profile, it shouldn’t be difficult to look at the market in a different angle. In fact, the content of the book digs deeper into the heart of trading and incorporate a wide array of business topics into the mix.

Markets in Profile explains why many traders have not adopted the market. Before you read this book, change your mind from someone who’s looking for a quick fix to someone willing to go deeper into serious studies, research and practice on the market. Business is an art, but very few people are always willing to invest their time to study the market. Markets in Profile will help you to go deeper in details in a tremendous way.

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