Mechanical Trading Systems

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Author: Richard L. Weissman
Wiley Trading
Publish date:
January 1, 2004
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4/5 Average Rating

I bought Mechanical Trading Systems about a year ago, and I have read the book about three times from cover to cover. I am generally impressed by the content of the book, particularly because the author paid attention to a lot of details – unique details – to put sense in to their art. I think the main idea for reading this book was that I wanted to understand what flexible trading systems are.  The author goes deeper into explain how the best trading systems often combines sophisticated trading techniques to deliver the best results. Richard explains the psychological theory behind Mechanical Trading Systems, helping you understand how you can examine the development process of these systems. In addition, he teaches how to choose a trading system based on a personal trading psychology.

Richard goes further to discuss the advantages and disadvantage of mechanical trading system. He addresses some of the most common dangers encountered during the development of such systems, and further helps you understand how you can avoid such problems. Besides learning about risks and methods of improving trading systems, this book will also teach you how to improve rates on trade returns. It is a great art worth the price, and your time.

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