Mind Games of Trading

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Author: Stephen Mepstead
McGraw-Hill Education
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Mind Games of Trading is a 14 –year old book authored by Stephen Mepstead, and yet its content is still quite valuable to this very day. Best suited for novice and experienced traders, this book could be exactly what you need to learn how you can deal with emotions tied to investments and trading. The problem with novice and experienced traders, though, is the act of denial that they actually have a problem(s) as far as trading is concerned. For the newbie, the psychology of trading might sound a little bit odd, and, therefore, not necessarily important. Experienced traders think that they have full control of their emotions, or, at least, they already have a perfect roadmap that can help them control their emotions.

The truth is claiming this book isn’t important isn’t going to do any good actually. In fact, many people who’ve shrugged Mind Games of Trading as unnecessary have often have second thoughts about reading it. As I read the book, I found it truly compelling. So, if you want to change your trading perspective and make your trading better, Mind Games of Trading is a worth read.  Although there are a quite a few things that you will not agree with in this book, you will actually find Denise work quite fun to read.

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